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Legislative Committees

Ways and Means

Washington Senate Committee

311 John A. Cherberg Building

Post Office Box 40466

Olympia, WA 98504-0482

Phone: 360-786-7715

Web Address:


The Senate Ways and Means Committee is the primary fiscal committee for the Washington State Senate. The Committee has responsibility for developing operating and capital budgets and tax and pension policy.

The Senate Ways and Means Committee is served by a nonpartisan staff of 16 full-time employees. Committee staff assist all members of the Senate with respect to operating and capital budget proposals, tax and pension policy, and other matters having a fiscal impact on the state. Committee staff also review and analyze legislation with a fiscal impact and conduct revenue and budget studies.

Senate Ways and Means Committee staff are part of Senate Committee Services, the organization which provides nonpartisan staff services for all standing committees of the Washington State Senate.

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