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Legislative Committees

Retirement and Independent Entities

Utah House Committee

350 North State, Suite 350

PO Box 145030

Salt Lake City, UT 84114

Phone: 801-538-1029

Fax: 801-326-1544

Web Address:


Oversight of the Utah State Retirement Systems:
(1) determine which entities should be treated as independent entities; (2) determine the extent to which consistency in the statutes for each independent entity should be provided; (3) determine from which provisions of the Utah Code, if any, each independent entity should be exempt; (4) determine whether the State should receive services from, or provide services
to, each independent entity; (5) request and hear reports from each independent entity; (6) review the annual audits of each independent entity; (7) follow statutory guidelines in reviewing a proposal to create a new independent entity; (8) recommend the appropriate method of changing the organizational status of any entity; (9) study entities created by interlocal agreement to determine if they should be subject to the Independent Entities Act; and (10) report annually to the Legislative Management Committee .
The independent entities that are statutorily created include
* Heber Valley Historic Railroad Authority
* Military Installation Development Authority
* School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration
* Utah Communications Agency Network
* Utah Dairy Commission
* Utah Generated Renewable Energy Electricity Network Authority
* Utah Science Center Authority
* Utah State Retirement Office
* Utah Housing Corporation
* Utah State Fair Corporation
* Utah State Railroad Museum Authority
* Utah Capitol Investment Corporation, and
* Workers' Compensation Fund

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