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Legislative Committees

Natural Resources

Texas House Committee

Phone: 512-463-0802

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(1) the conservation of the natural resources of Texas;
(2) the control and development of land and water and land and water resources, including the taking, storing, control, and use of all water in the state, and its appropriation and allocation;
(3) irrigation, irrigation companies, and irrigation districts, and their incorporation, management, and powers;
(4) the creation, modification, and regulation of water supply districts, water control and improvement districts, conservation and reclamation districts, and all similar organs of local government dealing with water and water supply;
(5) oversight of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as it relates to the regulation of water resources; and
(6) the following state agencies: the Office of Canadian River Compact Commissioner for Texas, the Office of Pecos River Compact Commissioner for Texas, the Offi ce of Red River Compact Commissioner for Texas, the Offce of Rio Grande Compact Commissioner for Texas, the Offi ce of
Sabine River Compact Administrator for Texas, the Multi-State Water Resources Planning Commission, and the Texas Water Development Board.

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