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Legislative Committees

Banking, Commerce and Insurance

Nebraska Senate Committee

Phone: 402-471-2327

Fax: 402-479-0931

Web Address:


The Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee is responsible for processing legislation involving the following subject areas:

banks; banking practices; branch banking; auxiliary tellers; organizations
Department of Banking and Finance; administration
credit unions
building and loan associations
loans; interest; consumer credit; Installment Sales Act
industrial loan and investment companies
public funds; investment; deposit
public bodies; authorities; issue bonds
insurance companies; agents and brokers; guaranty associations
Department of Insurance; administration
insurance policies; coverage; types of insurance; actions; liability
risk management
Health Maintenance Organization Act
Uniform Commercial code; trust administration; partnerships; corporations; business
trusts; Securities Act; business entities
real estate; Real Estate Commission; abstracters; deeds
financial acts; Mortgage Finance Fund; economic development; NIFA; IFCA; IDCA;
commercial development; trade; exports
accountancy; warranties; franchises; itinerant merchants
Research and Development Authority Act; venture capital

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