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Legislative Committees

Civil Law and Procedure

Louisiana House Committee

900 North Third Street

Box 94062

Baton Rouge, LA 70804

Phone: 225-342-6129

Web Address:


To this committee shall be referred, in accordance with the rules, all legislative instruments, messages, petitions, memorials and other matters relating to the following subjects:

* Matters encompassed by the Civil Code and Civil Code Ancillaries, including, without limitation, matters affecting persons generally, marriage, divorce and matters of family law, tutorship and curatorship, things generally, use and usufruct, servitudes, successions, donations, obligations generally, extinction of obligations, delicts and quasidelicts, matrimonial agreements, sales and leases, and prescription.
* Code of Civil Procedure, and civil procedure generally.
* Rules of civil law evidence.
* Notaries public and their records.
* Mineral Code.
* Trust Code.
* Questions of constitutional rights--civil.
*Proposed amendments to the state constitution, after initial consideration in committee of subject matter, if different from Civil Law and Procedure.

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