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Legislative Committees


Louisiana House Committee

900 North Third Street

Box 94062

Baton Rouge, LA 70804

Phone: 225-342-6129

Web Address:


To this committee shall be referred, in accordance with the rules, all legislative instruments, messages, petitions, memorials and other matters relating to the following subjects:

* All matters relating to the Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, District Courts, Family Courts, and Juvenile Courts, matters of the jurisdiction of said courts, matters relating to judges generally, including compensation, expenses, personnel, facilities and the like, except as pertains to retirement.
* All matters relating to Municipal and Parish Courts, Mayor's Courts and Justice of the Peace Courts.
* All matters relating to the Attorney General, District Attorneys and prosecutors in general, including compensation, expenses, personnel, facilities and the like.
* Law enforcement generally, including matters relating to the Department of Public Safety.
* Sheriffs generally except matters affecting the sheriffs as ex officio tax collectors.
* Clerks of court and records of the Courts.
* National guard, Code of Military Justice and the Adjutant General.
* Civil defense and disaster protection.
* State and local government boundary lines.
* Holidays and celebrations.
* Regulations and sale of intoxicating liquors.
* Miscellaneous matters not covered by other standing committees.

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