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Legislative Committees


Florida Senate Committee

37 Senate Office Building

Phone: 850-487-5223

Web Address:


Driver licenses (including Commercial Driver Licenses)
DUI, BUI (with CJ)
Highway Patrol
License plates (including specialty plates)
Motor fuels, including taxation
Motor vehicles -- registration and titling
Motor vehicle dealers and manufacturers
Railroads (passenger and freight)
Regulation of driving -- "rules of the road"
Regulation of use of various vehicles, including: ATVs, Automobiles and trucks, bicycles, commercial motor vehicles, golf carts (and low speed vehicles), motorcycles and mopeds, scooters
Road construction
Road and bridge honorary designations (usually a single reference)
Seat belt laws
Towing and recovery of vehicles and vessels
Traffic safety (bicycle, pedestrian, and motor vehicles)
Transportation funding -- state and local (with ATD)
Transportation of goods and people
Vessels -- registration and titling

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