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Legislative Committees

Commerce and Tourism

Florida Senate Committee

110 Senate Office Building

at call of Chair

Phone: 850-487-5815

Web Address:


Advertisers; Business organizations (legal structures); Civil rights; Commercial activity, including filings and registration, uniform commercial code, trade secrets, fictitious names; Consumer protection, including sales of goods, including contracts and rebates, services, including contracts, safety, FDUTPA, civil rights; Economic development, including business recruitment, incentives, enterprise zones (with CA), technology research, seaports (with TR), minority businesses, military (with MS), small businesses, venture capital, job creation, international trade; Event tickets and admissions; Film and entertainment industries; Lending and credit issues (with BI), including consumer finance, credit counseling, debt collection, foreclosures; non-agricultural consumer services, including amusement ride inspections (with AG), business opportunities, charitable organizations, cable companies (with CU), concealed weapons permits (with CJ), dance studios, gas and petroleum inspections and sales, gift cards, movers, motor vehicle repair shops, pawn brokers, petroleum inspections, private investigators, secondary metal recyclers, secondhand dealers, security guards, sellers of travel, telemarketers (including do not call lists), weights and measures; Notaries; Restaurants and lodging establishments, including tax issues (with RI); Retail and retailers; Sales and use of tax, including exemptions and internet sales (with FT); Space (with MS); Sports; Technology; Tourism; Trade issues, including International Commercial Arbitration Act, exports; Workforce issues, including reemployment assistance (formerly unemployment compensation), reemployment services, education, and training, including incentives (issues may overlap with ED), employment agencies, minimum wage, e) labor and employment issues

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