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Membership Benefits

"I cannot afford to send you a large check. What is very large is my feeling grateful that, at long last, someone will watch, someone will report." — From a retired teacher, in a letter to Project Vote Smart

Or renew an existing membership.

We suggest a donation of $45 per year for a Project Vote Smart membership. We do understand the strains of living on a limited budget and for this reason we offer a reduced donation for students and those on a fixed income. We need you and any help you can provide; however if you cannot afford a membership, please do not hesitate to use our information.

Among the many benefits of membership are:
  • Instant access to information on 40,000 elected officials and candidates
  • Toll-free access to our Research Staff at 1-888-868-3762
  • The Voter's Self Defense Manual: published each election, this 100 page book reports on every member of Congress
  • “Bringing the Truth to Light” Flashlight/Pen
  • Our biannual newsletter, "One Common Ground": composed of articles by staff, student interns and member volunteers, you'll get an inside look at what is happening at Project Vote Smart
  • Exclusive email updates
  • Vote Smart's Entertaining and Educational 10-Minute Video (by request)
  • An invitation to spend a night at our Great Divide Ranch Research Retreat in Montana: As always, we welcome our members to visit! If you are ever in the neighborhood, we invite you to be our guest at the Great Divide Ranch outside of Philipsburg, Montana. You will have the opportunity to see our operations firsthand at our Research Center and Retreat. A warm bed, a hot meal and an extraordinary experience await you. If you are interested in dropping by for a visit, give us a call at (406) 859-8683 or email us at

Become a member now or print out our printer-friendly form to mail in with a check. Or if you prefer, with your credit card information ready, call our hotline at 1-888-VOTE-SMART (1-888-868-3762).

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