The National Internship Application

Contact Information
Permanent Address
US Citizen?

Academic Information
Will you be receiving credit for this internship?

If yes, please explain the number of credits you will be receiving, the department awarding the credit, and your advisor's name, address, phone, fax number, and email address

Additional Information

Location and Date

The Great Divide Ranch, Montana

Internships are for 10 full weeks.

Financial Assistance

All interns accepted to our program receive the Barry Goldwater General Scholarship, which provides interns with full room and board for the duration of their internships.

Statement of Confirmation

I am willing and able to work in an atmosphere of political information without letting my personal political beliefs interfere with providing unbiased, non-partisan information or adversely affecting my relationships with others on the job.

Medical Information

Due to the remote location of the Great Divide Ranch, with time to definitive medical care being 40 minutes or greater, we ask applicants to note if they have any disabilities, medical conditions, or dietary restrictions of which Vote Smart should be made aware. If yes, please explain.


The answers to the questions below are for statistical and administrative purposes only and are optional.

Please include any additional information you feel is important to your application or unique about your situation below.

Applicants are also required to provide a cover letter, resume and three academic or professional references in order to be considered. Please email these documents to

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