Rating Group: Georgia Chamber of Commerce

2011 Positions

State Office Name Party Rating
GA U.S. House-1 Buddy Carter R 83%
GA U.S. House-9 Doug Collins R 50%
GA U.S. House-11 Barry Loudermilk R 100%
GA State House-5 John Meadows III R 83%
GA State House-11 Rick Jasperse R 17%
GA State House-13 Katie Dempsey R 83%
GA State House-14 Christian Coomer R 50%
GA State House-15 Paul Battles R 17%
GA State House-17 Howard Maxwell R 50%
GA State House-18 Kevin Cooke R 83%
GA State House-19 Paulette Rakestraw-Braddock R 83%
GA State House-31 Tommy Benton R 17%
GA State House-32 Alan Powell R 33%
GA State House-33 Tom McCall R 83%
GA State House-35 Ed Setzler R 50%
GA State House-36 Earl Ehrhart R 83%
GA State House-37 Sam Teasley R 50%
GA State House-38 David Wilkerson D 0%
GA State House-40 Rich Golick R 83%
GA State House-42 Stacey Evans D 17%
GA State House-43 Sharon Cooper R 67%
GA State House-44 Don Parsons R 83%
GA State House-45 Matt Dollar R 67%
GA State House-47 Jan Jones R 67%
GA State House-49 Chuck Martin, Jr. R 83%
GA State House-51 Wendell Willard R 83%
GA State House-53 Sheila Jones D 17%
GA State House-57 Pat Gardner D 17%
GA State House-61 Roger Bruce D 0%
GA State House-65 Sharon Beasley-Teague D 0%
GA State House-69 Randy Nix R 33%
GA State House-70 Lynn Smith R 83%
GA State House-76 Sandra Scott D 0%
GA State House-79 Tom Taylor R 100%
GA State House-81 Scott Holcomb D 0%
GA State House-82 Mary Margaret Oliver D 17%
GA State House-83 Howard Mosby D 0%
GA State House-85 Karla Drenner D 0%
GA State House-86 Michele Henson D 0%
GA State House-87 Earnest Williams D 0%
GA State House-88 Billy Mitchell D 17%
GA State House-89 Stacey Abrams D 17%
GA State House-90 Pam Stephenson D 0%
GA State House-93 Dar'shun Kendrick D 0%
GA State House-96 Pete Marin D 0%
GA State House-97 Brooks Coleman, Jr. R 83%
GA State House-102 Buzz Brockway R 17%
GA State House-106 Brett Harrell R 50%
GA State House-107 David Casas R 17%
GA State House-110 Andy Welch III R 50%
GA State House-113 Pamela Dickerson D 0%
GA State House-115 Bruce Williamson III R 83%
GA State House-116 Terry England R 33%
GA State House-126 Gloria Frazier D 0%
GA State House-128 Mack Jackson D 0%
GA State House-129 Susan Holmes R 83%
GA State House-130 David Knight R 33%
GA State House-134 Richard Smith R 50%
GA State House-135 Calvin Smyre D 17%
GA State House-136 Carolyn Hugley D 0%
GA State House-137 Debbie Buckner D 0%
GA State House-140 Robert Dickey R 50%
GA State House-141 Allen Peake R 100%
GA State House-144 James Epps R 50%
GA State House-148 Buddy Harden R 50%
GA State House-149 Jimmy Pruett R 17%
GA State House-150 Matt Hatchett R 83%
GA State House-151 Gerald Greene R 17%
GA State House-152 Ed Rynders R 0%
GA State House-154 Winfred Dukes D 0%
GA State House-156 Greg Morris R 50%
GA State House-158 Butch Parrish R 83%
GA State House-159 Jon Burns R 17%
GA State House-160 Jan Tankersley R 50%
GA State House-163 J. Craig Gordon D 17%
GA State House-164 Ron Stephens R 83%
GA State House-165 Mickey Stephens D 17%
GA State House-168 Al Williams D 17%
GA State House-170 Penny Houston R 50%
GA State House-171 Alfred Powell, Jr. R 83%
GA State House-173 Darlene Taylor R 83%
GA State House-175 Amy Carter R 83%
GA State House-176 Jason Shaw R 83%
GA State House-178 Chad Nimmer R 50%
GA State House-180 Jason Spencer R 0%
GA State Senate-1 Ben Watson R 83%
GA State Senate-2 Lester Jackson III D 0%
GA State Senate-3 William Ligon, Jr. R 50%
GA State Senate-4 Jack Hill R 50%
GA State Senate-5 Curt Thompson II D 0%
GA State Senate-8 Ellis Black R 83%
GA State Senate-10 Emanuel Jones D 0%
GA State Senate-15 Ed Harbison D 0%
GA State Senate-17 Rick Jeffares R 83%
GA State Senate-23 Jesse Stone R 50%
GA State Senate-24 Lee Anderson R 50%
GA State Senate-29 Joshua McKoon R 17%
GA State Senate-31 William Heath, Jr. R 50%
GA State Senate-34 Valencia Seay D 0%
GA State Senate-35 Donzella James D 0%
GA State Senate-36 Nan Orrock D 0%
GA State Senate-37 Lindsey Tippins R 83%
GA State Senate-38 Horacena Tate D 0%
GA State Senate-39 Vincent Fort D 0%
GA State Senate-40 Fran Millar R 67%
GA State Senate-41 Steve Henson D 0%
GA State Senate-42 Elena Parent D 83%
GA State Senate-44 Gail Davenport D 0%
GA State Senate-45 Renee Unterman R 50%
GA State Senate-46 Bill Cowsert R 0%
GA State Senate-47 Frank Ginn R 83%
GA State Senate-48 David Shafer R 50%
GA State Senate-49 Butch Miller R 50%
GA State Senate-51 Steve Gooch R 83%
GA State Senate-53 Jeff Mullis R 67%
GA State Senate-55 Gloria Butler D 0%
GA State Senate-56 John Albers R 83%
GA Mayor-At-Large Hardie Davis, Jr. D 0%
GA Revenue Commissioner Lynnette Riley 83%
GA Chairman-At-Large Helen Hudson 0%
GA State Board of Education Mike Cheokas 83%
Stephen Allison 0%
Amos Amerson 50%
Kathy Ashe 0%
Alex Atwood 50%
Glenn Baker 50%
Don Balfour 100%
Simone Bell 0%
Stephanie Benfield 0%
Charlie Bethel 100%
Tyrone Brooks, Sr. 0%
Bob Bryant 0%
John Bulloch, Jr. 83%
Charlice Byrd 17%
Jason Carter 0%
Ronnie Chance 100%
Mickey Channell, Jr. 50%
Josh Clark 50%
Valerie Clark 83%
Rick Crawford 0%
John Crosby 50%
Steve Davis 50%
Dee Dawkins-Haigler 0%
Tom Dickson 83%
Elly Dobbs 0%
Mike Dudgeon 50%
Delvis Dutton 17%
Carl Epps 0%
Hugh Floyd 17%
Virgil Fludd 0%
Carol Fullerton 0%
Harry Geisinger 83%
Greg Goggans 33%
Tim Golden 83%
Johnny Grant 83%
Mark Hamilton 83%
Bill Hamrick III 50%
Bob Hanner 0%
Ben Harbin 83%
Michael Harden 0%
Mark Hatfield 0%
Keith Heard 0%
Joe Heckstall 0%
Bill Hembree 67%
Calvin Hill 83%
Judson Hill 17%
Doug Holt 50%
George Hooks 33%
Billy Horne 17%
Henry Howard 0%
William Jackson 0%
Mike Jacobs 83%
Lynmore James 0%
Sean Jerguson 83%
Darryl Jordan 17%
Margaret Kaiser 0%
Rusty Kidd 83%
Roger Lane 17%
Ed Lindsey, Jr. 100%
Ralph Long III 17%
Billy Maddox 67%
Gene Maddox 67%
Judy Manning 17%
Rahn Mayo 0%
Tony McBrayer 0%
Doug McKillip 50%
Alisha Morgan 0%
Jack Murphy 83%
Quincy Murphy 0%
Jay Neal 67%
Yasmin Neal 0%
Larry O'Neal, Jr. 83%
BJ Pak 83%
Ann Purcell 83%
Matt Ramsey 83%
Ronald Ramsey, Sr. 0%
Nikki Randall 0%
Barbara Reece 0%
Tom Rice 50%
Jay Roberts 50%
Carl Rogers 50%
Chip Rogers 100%
Martin Scott 0%
Donna Sheldon 83%
Barbara Sims 33%
Chuck Sims 17%
Earnest Smith 0%
Kip Smith 83%
Tommy Smith 0%
Cecil Staton 100%
Doug Stoner 0%
Willie Talton 83%
Rashad Taylor 0%
Brian Thomas 0%
Steve Thompson 0%
Ross Tolleson, Jr. 83%
Tom Weldon, Jr. 33%
Joe Wilkinson 83%
Robin Williams 83%
Tommie Williams 50%
John Yates 83%

How to Interpret these Evaluations

Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups often do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable in showing where an incumbent has stood on a series of votes in the past one or two years, especially when ratings by groups on all sides of an issue are compared. Website links, if available, and descriptions of the organizations offering performance evaluations are accessible by clicking on the name of the group.

Most performance evaluations are displayed in a percentage format. However, some organizations present their ratings in the form of a letter grade or endorsement based on voting records, interviews, survey results and/or sources of campaign funding. For consistency and ease in understanding, Project Vote Smart converts all scores into a percentage when possible. Please visit the group's website or call 1-888-VOTESMART for more specific information.

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