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Sierra Club Hawaii Chapter



Address: Post Office 2577, Honolulu, HI 96803

Phone line 1: 808-538-6616

Fax: 808-537-9019



"In order to turn back the specific threats to the Hawai`i Ecoregion -- and to help meet the five global challenges identified by the Sierra Club -- regional grassroots activists will focus on these key objectives: Protect and restore remaining native habitat by expanding the state's Natural Area Reserve System, designating additional areas for protection, and enacting legislation to fund fencing, firebreaks, and alien species control within protected areas. Prevent continued introduction and spread of alien species in Hawai`i by improving and integrating laws, regulations, and enforcement practices that control alien species. A critical initial action will be to require quarantine of certain military transport vehicles to prevent invasion of the brown tree snake from infested Pacific outposts. Control alien species in critical native habitats by recruiting and training volunteers for service trips to remove non-native plants, restore damaged areas, and build fences to deter feral pigs. Expand the extent and effectiveness of control projects in progress on the islands of Kaua`` O`ahu, Maui, Moloka`i and Hawai`i. Clean up coastal pollution from sewage, industrial, and agricultural waste by continuing our aggressive campaign to require compliance with the Clean Water Act, organizing a public education campaign, and enforcing water quality standards using administrative appeals and litigation. Protect sensitive habitats from noise and other impacts of tour helicopter overflights by enacting legislation to restrict flights over Hawai`i National parks, and by strengthening Federal Aviation Administration rules for other sensitive areas of the state. Preserve remaining rare and threatened native birds and animals of Hawai`i by pressing for legal protection and designation of critical habitat, through litigation, organizing public statements on behalf of endangered species, and developing an educational media campaign to gain broad public support and recognition for our cherished natural heritage."

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