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Planned Parenthood Metropolitan Washington D.C Action Fund



Address: 1108 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036

Phone line 1: 202-347-8500

Fax: 202-783-3219


"Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington D.C. Action Fund (PPMWAF) is Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington D.C.’s affiliated 501(c)(4) advocacy organization. PPMWAF advocates legislatively, politically and electorally in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia for priorities that are part of PPMW’s mission, which includes fighting for women to be able to make their own reproductive choices. PPMW’s mission is to provide high quality, affordable reproductive health care; promote education programs that empower all individuals to make informed and responsible reproductive choices; and to protect the right to make those choices. PPMW is the oldest and largest provider of family planning services in Metropolitan Washington, serving DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. By providing medical services, education, training, and advocacy, we seek to help individuals make informed decisions about their reproductive health, family planning options, and sexuality."

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