State Office Name Party Rating
CT U.S. Senate-Jr Chris Murphy D 0%
CT State House-3 Minnie Gonzalez D 83%
CT State House-18 Andy Fleischmann D 0%
CT State House-26 Peter Tercyak D 17%
CT State House-29 Tony Guerrera D 100%
CT State House-30 Joe Aresimowicz D 17%
CT State House-33 Joseph Serra D 33%
CT State House-43 Diana Urban D 17%
CT State House-48 Linda Orange D 17%
CT State House-69 Art O'Neill R 100%
CT State House-71 Tony D'Amelio R 100%
CT State House-73 Jeffrey Berger D 50%
CT State House-76 John Piscopo R 100%
CT State House-82 Buddy Altobello, Jr. D 83%
CT State House-83 Catherine Abercrombie D 0%
CT State House-85 Mary Mushinsky D 17%
CT State House-92 Patricia Dillon D 33%
CT State House-93 Toni Walker D 0%
CT State House-95 Juan Candelaria D 83%
CT State House-104 Linda Gentile D 17%
CT State House-110 Bob Godfrey D 0%
CT State House-111 John Frey R 100%
CT State House-114 Themis Klarides R 50%
CT State House-115 Stephen Dargan D 17%
CT State House-127 Jack Hennessy D 17%
CT State House-131 David Labriola R 83%
CT State House-137 Chris Perone D 0%
CT State House-139 Kevin Ryan D 17%
CT State House-149 Livvy Floren R 33%
CT State Senate-1 John Fonfara D 0%
CT State Senate-2 Douglas McCrory D 33%
CT State Senate-7 John Kissel R 100%
CT State Senate-8 Kevin Witkos R 100%
CT State Senate-9 Paul Doyle D 83%
CT State Senate-11 Martin Looney D 0%
CT State Senate-14 Gayle Slossberg D 0%
CT State Senate-15 Joan Hartley D 80%
CT State Senate-23 Edwin Gomes D 0%
CT State Senate-25 Bob Duff D 0%
CT State Senate-26 Toni Boucher R 83%
CT State Senate-27 Carlo Leone D 17%
CT State Senate-30 Craig Miner R 67%
CT State Senate-34 Len Fasano R 40%
CT State Senate-35 Anthony Guglielmo R 80%
CT Secretary of State Denise Merrill Other 17%
CT Justice of the Supreme Court Andrew McDonald 0%
CT Mayor-At-Large John Harkins R 100%
CT Mayor-At-Large Toni Harp D 0%
CT Council Member-At-Large Anne Ruwet R 50%
Al Adinolfi 100%
Mike Alberts 50%
David Aldarondo 83%
Bill Aman 50%
James Amann 67%
Penny Bacchiochi 83%
Terrance Backer 33%
Ryan Barry 17%
Reginald Beamon 67%
Richard Belden 100%
Hank Bielawa 100%
Elizabeth Boukus 83%
Larry Cafero, Jr. 67%
David Cappiello 40%
Michael Jean Cardin 0%
Michael Caron 83%
Mary Carson 100%
Christopher Caruso 0%
Clark Chapin 83%
Michael Christ 17%
Biagio Ciotto 80%
Don Clemons, Jr. 0%
Thomas Colapietro, Jr. 0%
Eric Coleman 0%
Catherine Cook 80%
Joe Crisco, Jr. 0%
Eileen Daily 0%
Paul Davis 33%
Don DeFronzo 0%
Kevin DelGobbo 100%
Louis DeLuca 100%
Konstantinos Diamantis 67%
Christopher Donovan 17%
Thomas Drew 33%
William Dyson 17%
Lou Esposito 83%
Ruth Fahrbach 100%
Robert Farr 33%
Arthur Feltman 0%
Richard Ferrari 100%
William Finch 0%
Steve Fontana 0%
Gerald Fox III 17%
Judith Freedman 25%
Mary Fritz 83%
Thomas Gaffey 40%
John Geragosian 0%
Demetrios Giannaros 17%
Lile Gibbons 33%
Jan Giegler 100%
Marilyn Giuliano 100%
Sonya Googins 33%
Ted Graziani 67%
Kenneth Green 17%
Leonard Greene, Sr. 100%
George Gunther 80%
Gail Hamm 17%
William Hamzy 83%
Mary Handley 0%
Jonathan Harris 0%
Robert Heagney 100%
Deborah Heinrich 0%
Thomas Herlihy, Jr. 0%
John Hetherington 83%
Ernest Hewett 17%
DebraLee Hovey 83%
Claire Janowski 33%
Stephen Jarmoc 67%
Shawn Johnston 33%
Ed Jutila 17%
Raymond Kalinowski 100%
Robert Keeley, Jr. 17%
Marie Lopez Kirkley-Bey 83%
Michael Lawlor 0%
Gary LeBeau 0%
Joan Lewis 17%
John Malone 0%
Joseph Mann 67%
Evelyn Mantilla 0%
Lydia Martinez 83%
Corky Mazurek 67%
David McCluskey 17%
John McKinney 40%
Faith McMahon 33%
Robert Megna 17%
Edward Meyer 0%
Roger Michele 67%
Steve Mikutel 100%
Lawrence Miller 83%
Joseph Mioli 17%
Edward Moukawsher 17%
Sandy Nafis 17%
Vickie Orsini Nardello 67%
William Nickerson 60%
Selim Noujaim 100%
Timothy O'Brien, Jr. 0%
Brian O'Connor 17%
James O'Rourke III 33%
Peter Panaroni, Jr. 17%
Walter Pawelkiewicz 17%
Claudia Powers 83%
Edith Prague 0%
Felipe Reinoso 83%
Tom Reynolds 33%
Melissa Riley 0%
Elizabeth Ritter 17%
Andrew Roraback 20%
T.R. Rowe 100%
Richard Roy 67%
John Ryan 83%
Pam Sawyer 50%
Peggy Sayers 83%
David Scribner 100%
James Shapiro 17%
Brendan Sharkey 0%
Donald Sherer 0%
James Field Spallone 0%
Cameron Staples 0%
Andrea Stillman 0%
Christopher Stone 17%
John Stone, Jr. 83%
John Stripp 83%
Kathleen Tallarita 17%
John Thompson 17%
Christel Truglia 83%
Cathy Tymniak 83%
Peter Villano 17%
Lewis Wallace, Jr. 17%
Robert Ward 50%
Julia Wasserman 100%
Pat Widlitz 17%
George Wilber 17%
Donald Williams, Jr. 0%
Sean Williams 100%
Roberta Willis 17%
Lenny Winkler 33%
Zeke Zalaski 0%

How to Interpret these Evaluations

Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups often do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable in showing where an incumbent has stood on a series of votes in the past one or two years, especially when ratings by groups on all sides of an issue are compared. Website links, if available, and descriptions of the organizations offering performance evaluations are accessible by clicking on the name of the group.

Most performance evaluations are displayed in a percentage format. However, some organizations present their ratings in the form of a letter grade or endorsement based on voting records, interviews, survey results and/or sources of campaign funding. For consistency and ease in understanding, Project Vote Smart converts all scores into a percentage when possible. Please visit the group's website or call 1-888-VOTESMART for more specific information.

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