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Texas Conservative Roundtable



Address: 1108 Lavaca Street Suites 101-209, Austin, TX 78701


"Who We Are The Texas Conservative Roundtable is a coalition of businesses and citizens who want to ensure that Texas remains a national and world leader for job creation, economic growth, and quality of life. We expect our elected officials to maintain low taxes, a predictable regulatory environment, a reliable infrastructure, and a transparent and efficient government. What We Want We want to be good stewards of Texas, its people, and its resources. The Texas Conservative Roundtable exists to develop, promote, advance, and provide education on thoughtful conservative solutions to the major challenges that face this state.Our goal is to focus Texas leadership on the building blocks of the Texas economy: energy, manufacturing, transportation, communications, water, economic development, healthcare, and education. What We Do The Texas Conservative Roundtable provides a forum that allows for open communication among elected officials, businesses, community leaders, and voters seeking public policy solutions that will enable Texas to continue to be a world economic leader. We provide a way for citizens to be engaged in the public arena without divisive rhetoric or incivility. Before offering answers, we will engage a broad range of individuals, assemble the facts, and listen to different perspectives. We are committed to positive, results- oriented action that can serve as a model of Texas exceptionalism. We know that Texas is in a unique position to lead the way."

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