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Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas



Address: 5535 Memorial Dr., Suite F-230, Houston, TX 77077



"The Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas (“IRCOT”) is a 501(c)(4) Texas non-profit corporation which was formed to provide a means for Texans to speak with one voice regarding vital immigration reform issues affecting both Texas and our nation. We welcome the participation of individuals of any race, religion, nationality, or political party who seek to become engaged in meaningful immigration reform efforts in our nation. We harbor no disrespect toward immigrants; however, we support legal immigration (at reasonable levels) of those desiring to enter legally, assimilate, and become Americans. As a first line of defense from those wishing to do us harm, we demand a well defined and secure border, the enforcement of our current immigration laws, and an end to Sanctuary Cities and other magnets that draw illegal aliens to our State."

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