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Special Interest Groups

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 175


Address: 267 Staunton Avenue Southwest, South Charleston, WV 25303

Phone line 1: 304-744-2193

Fax: 304-744-5649


"The second article in the Teamsters Constitution (pdf) establishes the mission and purpose of the organization. It states, in part that the Union’s primary responsibility is to organize and educate workers so that they will attain a higher standard of living. In summary the key role that the union plays includes: * Organizing workers so that they have a voice in the workplace. * Educating workers so that they know their workplace rights and can participate fully in our democratic society. * Involving workers in the political process so that their issues are addressed. * Negotiating and enforcing contracts with employers so that each worker will be treated with dignity, justice and respect."


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