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Massachusetts Humane Society

Website: http://www.masshumane.org


Address: 11 Lantern Lane, Arlington, MA 02474


"Humane USA-Massachusetts was formed for the singular purpose of electing individuals to public office in Massachusetts who care about the humane treatment of animals, and defeating those who oppose it. Founded in 1997, after the 1996 ballot question to restrict cruel traps was passed, we are the nonpartisan political arm of the animal protection movement in Massachusetts. Nonprofit groups are not permitted by law to support or oppose candidates. As a Political Action Committee (PAC), we can engage in the important work of striving to elect public officials who will create a body of law that protects animals and shapes the way people interact with and treat animals. Humane USA-Mass does this by seeking out and publicizing the position of candidates on animal protection issues, making endorsements and donating to the campaigns of humane candidates, and mobilizing volunteers to give grassroots support to favorable candidates. Further, we aim to make candidates aware that, with or without large sums of money to support campaigns, animal protectionists are a large voting block in Massachusetts whose interest in helping animals must be taken seriously."

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