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Voices for Racial Justice



Address: 2525 East Franklin Avenue, Suite 301, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Phone line 1: 612-746-4224

Fax: 612-746-4227


"Since 1993, we have built a stronger movement for racial justice organizing in Minnesota and beyond. Our mission is to advance racial, cultural, social, and economic justice in Minnesota through organizer and leadership training, strategic convenings and campaigns, and research and policy tools. We started out as the Organizing Apprenticeship Project, with a goal to train and place strong organizers in thriving grassroots organizations. We have trained hundreds of organizers who are now social justice leaders in organizing campaigns, nonprofit organizations, and government. We took a visionary step many years ago, putting racial equity into the center of community organizing in Minnesota. As a result, we have seen the emergence of powerful racial equity organizing and leadership across the state. Today our work also produces and supports the many tools, resources, and convenings necessary to achieve racial equity in our state. We work with communities to build racial equity into conversations about education, economic opportunity, health, safe neighborhoods, affordable housing, public transportation, criminal justice, and more."

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