Rating Group: North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections

2007 Positions Campaign Reform

State Office Name Party Rating
NC U.S. Senate-Jr Thom Tillis R 17
NC U.S. House-9 Robert Pittenger R 0
NC U.S. House-12 Alma Adams D 71
NC State House-13 Patricia McElraft R 14
NC State House-14 George Cleveland R 14
NC State House-21 Larry Bell, Sr. D 86
NC State House-22 William Brisson R 57
NC State House-24 Jean Farmer-Butterfield D 83
NC State House-27 Michael Wray D 86
NC State House-31 Mickey Michaux, Jr. D 71
NC State House-34 Grier Martin D 100
NC State House-36 Nelson Dollar R 14
NC State House-42 Marvin Lucas, Jr. D 100
NC State House-48 Garland Pierce D 71
NC State House-53 David Lewis, Sr. R 14
NC State House-56 Verla Insko D 86
NC State House-57 Mary Harrison D 100
NC State House-62 John Blust R 14
NC State House-70 Patricia Hurley R 14
NC State House-79 Julia Howard R 33
NC State House-83 Linda Johnson R 14
NC State House-89 Mitchell Setzer R 14
NC State House-101 Beverly Earle D 60
NC State House-102 Becky Carney D 100
NC State House-111 Timothy Moore R 14
NC State House-114 Susan Fisher D 100
NC State Senate-4 Angela Bryant D 86
NC State Senate-6 Harry Brown R 29
NC State Senate-7 Louis Pate, Jr. R 0
NC State Senate-14 Dan Blue, Jr. D 71
NC State Senate-20 Floyd McKissick, Jr. D 100
NC State Senate-26 Philip Berger, Sr. R 29
NC State Senate-29 Jerry Tillman R 17
NC State Senate-34 Andrew Brock R 14
NC Treasurer Dale Folwell R 14
Charles Albertson 83
Martha Alexander 100
Lucy Allen 71
Austin Allran 43
Cary Allred 29
Thomas Apodaca 29
Robert Atwater 100
Marilyn Avila 14
Jeffrey Barnhart 29
Marc Basnight 71
Douglas Berger 100
Stan Bingham 67
Curtis Blackwood, Jr. 14
Harris Blake 29
Alice Bordsen 33
Julia Boseman 60
Joe Boylan 14
Van Braxton 57
Larry Brown 0
Harold Brubaker 0
Peter Brunstetter 29
Walter Church, Sr. 33
Debbie Clary 0
Daniel Clodfelter 83
Lorene Coates 100
Nelson Cole 67
Linda Coleman 100
Patricia Cotham 86
Janet Cowell 100
James Crawford, Jr. 33
Bill Current, Sr. 17
Walter Dalton 67
Charlie Dannelly 71
Bill Daughtridge, Jr. 17
Leo Daughtry 0
Margaret Dickson 86
Jerry Dockham 0
Katie Dorsett 67
Don East 0
Bob England 100
Bill Faison 83
Tony Foriest 71
James Forrester 43
Phillip Frye 14
Linda Garrou 67
Pryor Gibson III 71
Mitch Gillespie 0
Rick Glazier 100
D. Goforth 86
Eddie Goodall, Jr. 0
Melanie Goodwin 100
Steve Goss 86
William Grady 0
Malcolm Graham 100
Jim Gulley 14
Joe Hackney 100
Kay Hagan 71
Robert Phillip Haire 57
Larry Hall 71
James Harrell III 100
Ty Harrell 71
Fletcher Hartsell, Jr. 50
Dewey Hill 33
Mark Hilton 14
Hugh Holliman 71
Bryan Holloway 14
George Milton Holmes 0
David Hoyle, Sr. 43
Neal Hunt 14
Jim Jacumin 17
Margaret Jeffus 71
Clark Jenkins 50
Earl Jones 50
Edward Jones 86
Carolyn Justice 57
Carolyn Justus 14
John Kerr III 33
Richard Killian 14
Eleanor Kinnaird 100
Joe Kiser 0
James Langdon, Jr. 14
Jimmy Love, Sr. 67
Paul Luebke 100
Vernon Malone 71
Mary McAllister 71
Daniel McComas 17
William McGee 14
Marian McLawhorn 86
Annie Mobley 71
Martin Nesbitt, Jr. 100
Wil Neumann IV 14
William Owens, Jr. 71
Earline Parmon 50
Jean Preston 29
William Purcell 86
Joe Queen 71
Anthony Rand 71
Ray Rapp 100
Karen Ray 17
Deborah Ross 100
Ruth Samuelson 14
Drew Saunders 33
Larry Shaw 83
Fred Smith 0
John Snow, Jr. 86
Robert Soles, Jr. 67
Timothy Spear 29
Paul Stam, Jr. 14
Edgar Starnes 0
Fred Steen II 17
Richard Stevens 43
Bonner Stiller 14
Ronnie Sutton 0
Alvin Swindell IV 86
Cullie Tarleton 86
Charles Thomas 14
Joe Tolson 86
Russell Tucker 17
Alice Underhill 100
William Wainwright 86
Trudi Walend 14
Ronald Tracy Walker 33
Edith Warren 86
Ray Warren 86
David Weinstein 57
Jennifer Weiss 100
Roger West 0
Laura Wiley 14
W. Wilkins 100
Arthur Williams III 43
Larry Womble 100
Thomas Wright 83
Douglas Yongue 71

How to Interpret these Evaluations

Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups often do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable in showing where an incumbent has stood on a series of votes in the past one or two years, especially when ratings by groups on all sides of an issue are compared. Website links, if available, and descriptions of the organizations offering performance evaluations are accessible by clicking on the name of the group.

Most performance evaluations are displayed in a percentage format. However, some organizations present their ratings in the form of a letter grade or endorsement based on voting records, interviews, survey results and/or sources of campaign funding. For consistency and ease in understanding, Project Vote Smart converts all scores into a percentage when possible. Please visit the group's website or call 1-888-VOTESMART for more specific information.

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