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Wisconsin Family Action



Address: Post Office Box 1327 222 South Hamilton Street, Suite 24, Madison, WI 53701-1327

Phone line 1: 608-268-5074

Phone line 2: 866-849-2536

Fax: 608-256-3370


"Wisconsin Family Action, Inc. (WFA), is the lobbying arm of Wisconsin Family Council, Inc. (formerly The Family Research Institute of Wisconsin, Inc.). WFA can do unlimited direct and grassroots lobbying in Wisconsin. The issues WFA is concerned with and focuses on are those that will either strengthen or weaken Wisconsin's most valuable natural resource-her families headed by one-man/one-woman marriages. We seek to promote the introduction and passage of state public policy that will strengthen Wisconsin families and to defeat legislative measures that will weaken them. WFA recognizes that the state of Wisconsin is only as strong as its families."

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