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Illinois Family Institute



Address: Illinois Family Institute Post Office Box 88848, Carol Stream, IL 60188

Phone line 1: 708-781-9328

Fax: 708-781-9376



"Illinois Family Institute (IFI) is an independent 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to fostering -- within Illinois -- an environment where families can flourish.For the past fifteen years, the IFI has worked to advance public policy initiatives consistent with Judeo-Christian teachings and traditions, educating citizens so that they can better influence their local communities and the state.To accomplish this goal, IFI works to educate Christians and the general public on matters of moral concern; to initiate, promote, encourage and coordinate activity designed to safeguard and advance public morality consistent with Biblical Christianity. While we are financially independent, our efforts are reinforced by our working partnership with the Family Research Council, and Alliance Defense Fund as well as similar nationally and state-based organizations across the United States."

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