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Florida Transportation Builders' Association



Address: 1007 DeSoto Park Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32301

Phone line 1: 850-942-1404

Fax: 850-942-5632



"The mission of the Florida Transportation Builders' Association is to foster and promote the finest in transportation in the State of Florida.The Florida Transportation Builders' Association (FTBA) is "THE VOICE" of the road and bridge building industry in Florida Mission * To foster and promote the finest in transportation in the State of Florida. * To foster and promote public understanding and support for an efficient, effective and totally integrated transportation system including air, highway, local streets and roads, railroads, and public mass transit systems. * To investigate the feasibility and advance the application of new technology, equipment, techniques, procedures, and systems for planning, financing, designing, constructing, maintaining and operating transportation systems. * To investigate and promote alternatives for improvement to the economic, social, environmental, political, and safety challenges surrounding the transportation needs of the State of Florida. * To encourage the continued development of skills and knowledge through education of people in the planning and designing and construction of transportation facilities. * To promote the highest degree of honesty and integrity of contractors, suppliers, engineers, and public officials in the transportation industry. * The FTBA undertakes, as a group rather than individually, the numerous problems affecting the transportation industry where the end result has proved much more advantageous than if undertaken by an individual. * The FTBA is the transportation construction industry’s watchdog and is recognized as a state and national spokesman for the transportation construction industry. * The FTBA provides that vehicle for getting to know the people of your industry, which improves your communications with your business associates."

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