Rating Group: National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund

2010 Positions on Gun Rights

Issues: Guns
State Office Name Party Rating
AL U.S. Senate-Sr Richard Shelby R 100%
AL U.S. Senate-Jr Luther Strange III R 92%
AL U.S. House-2 Martha Roby R 92%
AL U.S. House-3 Mike Rogers R 92%
AL U.S. House-4 Robert Aderholt R 92%
AL U.S. House-5 Mo Brooks R 92%
AL U.S. House-7 Terri Sewell D 0%
AL Governor Kay Ivey R 92%
AL State House-2 Lynn Greer R 92%
AL State House-3 Marcel Black D 100%
AL State House-4 Micky Hammon R 92%
AL State House-6 Phil Williams R 92%
AL State House-7 Ken Johnson R 83%
AL State House-8 Terri Collins R 42%
AL State House-9 Ed Henry R 92%
AL State House-10 Mike Ball R 92%
AL State House-15 Allen Farley R 42%
AL State House-17 Michael Millican R 92%
AL State House-18 Johnny Morrow D 100%
AL State House-19 Laura Hall D 67%
AL State House-20 Howard Sanderford R 92%
AL State House-21 Jim Patterson, Jr. R 92%
AL State House-24 Nathaniel Ledbetter R 75%
AL State House-25 Mac McCutcheon R 92%
AL State House-26 Kerry Rich R 92%
AL State House-28 Craig Ford D 100%
AL State House-29 Becky Nordgren R 92%
AL State House-32 Barbara Boyd D 42%
AL State House-33 Ronald Johnson R 92%
AL State House-35 Steve Hurst R 100%
AL State House-36 Randy Wood R 92%
AL State House-37 Bob Fincher R 75%
AL State House-39 Richard Lindsey D 100%
AL State House-40 K.L. Brown R 67%
AL State House-42 James Martin R 92%
AL State House-47 Jack Williams R 67%
AL State House-51 Allen Treadaway R 92%
AL State House-52 John Rogers, Jr. D 42%
AL State House-54 Patricia Todd D 67%
AL State House-55 Rod Scott D 42%
AL State House-57 Merika Coleman-Evans D 0%
AL State House-59 Mary Moore D 42%
AL State House-61 Alan Harper D 92%
AL State House-64 Harry Shiver R 92%
AL State House-65 Elaine Beech D 92%
AL State House-66 Alan Baker R 42%
AL State House-68 Thomas Jackson, Jr. D 92%
AL State House-70 Chris England D 42%
AL State House-71 A.J. McCampbell D 42%
AL State House-72 Ralph Howard D 92%
AL State House-76 Thad McClammy D 75%
AL State House-77 John Knight, Jr. D 67%
AL State House-78 Alvin Holmes D 67%
AL State House-81 Mark Tuggle R 92%
AL State House-82 Pebblin Warren D 42%
AL State House-83 George Bandy D 42%
AL State House-87 Donnie Chesteen R 83%
AL State House-89 Alan Boothe R 100%
AL State House-91 Barry Moore R 92%
AL State House-92 Mike Jones, Jr. R 92%
AL State House-93 Steve Clouse R 92%
AL State House-94 Joe Faust, Sr. R 92%
AL State House-95 Steve McMillan R 92%
AL State House-96 Randy Davis R 92%
AL State House-99 James Buskey D 92%
AL State House-100 Victor Gaston R 92%
AL State Senate-2 Bill Holtzclaw R 67%
AL State Senate-3 Arthur Orr R 92%
AL State Senate-4 Paul Bussman R 17%
AL State Senate-5 Greg Reed R 75%
AL State Senate-7 Paul Sanford R 92%
AL State Senate-10 Phil Williams R 92%
AL State Senate-11 Jim McClendon R 92%
AL State Senate-12 Del Marsh R 92%
AL State Senate-13 Gerald Dial R 92%
AL State Senate-14 Cam Ward R 92%
AL State Senate-15 Slade Blackwell R 92%
AL State Senate-16 JT Waggoner R 100%
AL State Senate-18 Rodger Smitherman D 92%
AL State Senate-19 Priscilla Dunn D 17%
AL State Senate-20 Linda Coleman-Madison D 42%
AL State Senate-21 Gerald Allen R 92%
AL State Senate-23 Hank Sanders D 42%
AL State Senate-24 Bobby Singleton D 92%
AL State Senate-25 Dick Brewbaker R 92%
AL State Senate-26 Quinton Ross, Jr. D 92%
AL State Senate-27 Tom Whatley R 67%
AL State Senate-28 Billy Beasley D 100%
AL State Senate-29 Harri Anne Smith I 92%
AL State Senate-31 Jimmy Holley R 92%
AL State Senate-32 Trip Pittman R 92%
AL State Senate-33 Vivian Figures D 67%
AL State Senate-34 Rusty Glover III R 100%
AL Secretary of State John Merrill 92%
AL Treasurer Young Boozer R 67%
AL State Board of Education-2 Betty Peters R 92%
AL State Board of Education-8 Mary Scott Hunter R 83%
Jennifer Adams 0%
James Anderson 92%
Spencer Bachus 92%
Lowell Barron 100%
Jim Barton, Jr. 92%
Richard Baughn 92%
Gary Bearden 92%
Scott Beason 92%
Roger Bedford, Jr. 100%
Robert Bentley 92%
Daniel Boman 42%
Jim Bonner 67%
Jo Bonner, Jr. 92%
DuWayne Bridges 92%
Bobby Bright 92%
Ben Brooks 92%
Wally Burns, Jr. 92%
Tom Butler 100%
Mac Buttram 92%
Greg Canfield 92%
Charlene Cannon 0%
Merritt Carothers 92%
Twinkle Cavanaugh 92%
Frank Chandler 75%
Beth Chapman 92%
Spencer Collier 92%
Jan Cook 92%
Mike Curtis 92%
David Darby 67%
Steven Dean 0%
Paul DeMarco 92%
Tom Dooley 67%
Kimberly Drake 92%
Owen Drake 83%
Mervin Dudley 92%
Terry Dunn 67%
Jeff Enfinger 92%
Jerry Fielding 92%
James Fields, Jr. 67%
Chad Fincher 92%
Jim Folsom, Jr. 92%
Jerry Freeman 92%
Blaine Galliher 100%
Scott Gilliland 0%
Vaughn Goodwin 67%
Betty Graham 100%
Todd Greeson 100%
David Grimes 92%
Charley Grimsley 92%
Ken Guin, Jr. 100%
Susan Hamill 42%
Quinton Hanson 92%
Jerry Hartin 0%
Mike Hill 100%
Randy Hinshaw 92%
Joseph Hubbard 42%
Mike Hubbard 92%
T.E. Hudson 67%
Tammy Irons 92%
Jamie Ison 92%
Wayne Johnson 42%
Danny Joyner 83%
Marc Keahey 92%
Yvonne Kennedy 92%
Richard Laird, Sr. 100%
Betty Letlow 92%
Jody Letson 92%
T.D. Little 100%
Zeb Little, Sr. 100%
Huey Long 75%
Wes Long 92%
Jay Love 92%
Barry Mask 92%
Lawrence McAdory 0%
Chip McCallum III 92%
Mary Sue McClurkin 92%
Jeff McLaughlin 92%
John McMillan 92%
Larry Means 100%
Joseph Mitchell 42%
Tim Mitchell 92%
Wendell Mitchell 92%
Brad Moser 67%
Charles Newton 92%
Demetrius Newton, Sr. 100%
Jeremy Oden 100%
Jack Page III 100%
Susan Parker 92%
Arthur Payne 92%
Joyce Perrin 92%
Phil Poole 100%
Steve Raby 92%
Ray Robbins 92%
Bill Roberts 42%
John Robinson 92%
Oliver Robinson 92%
Steve Segrest, Sr. 92%
Tommy Sherer 83%
Jody Singleton 42%
Ron Sparks 92%
Terry Spicer 100%
Tim Sprayberry 92%
Virginia Sweet 67%
Bryan Taylor 92%
Butch Taylor 92%
William Thigpen, Sr. 100%
Elwyn Thomas 92%
Lesley Vance 83%
Gregory Varner 92%
Brett Wadsworth 92%
Kurt Wallace 67%
Kim West 83%
Ricky Whaley 92%
Henry White 92%
Randall White 92%
Dan Williams 83%
Greg Wren 92%
William Wyatt, Jr. 92%
Mary Yates 92%
Glen Zorn 67%

How to Interpret these Evaluations

Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups often do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable in showing where an incumbent has stood on a series of votes in the past one or two years, especially when ratings by groups on all sides of an issue are compared. Website links, if available, and descriptions of the organizations offering performance evaluations are accessible by clicking on the name of the group.

Most performance evaluations are displayed in a percentage format. However, some organizations present their ratings in the form of a letter grade or endorsement based on voting records, interviews, survey results and/or sources of campaign funding. For consistency and ease in understanding, Project Vote Smart converts all scores into a percentage when possible. Please visit the group's website or call 1-888-VOTESMART for more specific information.

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