Rating Group: New York City Americans for Democratic Action

2006 Liberal Issues Score

Issues: Liberal
State Office Name Party Rating
NY U.S. House-13 Adriano Espaillat D 90
NY U.S. House-20 Paul Tonko D 90
NY State Assembly-1 Fred Thiele, Jr. Other 70
NY State Assembly-4 Steve Englebright D 80
NY State Assembly-6 Phil Ramos Other 70
NY State Assembly-8 Michael Fitzpatrick Other 10
NY State Assembly-12 Andrew Raia Other 30
NY State Assembly-13 Charles Lavine D 90
NY State Assembly-14 David McDonough Other 50
NY State Assembly-17 Tom McKevitt Other 60
NY State Assembly-18 Earlene Hooper Other 80
NY State Assembly-28 Andrew Hevesi D 90
NY State Assembly-31 Michele Titus Other 90
NY State Assembly-32 Vivian Cook Other 90
NY State Assembly-35 Jeffrion Aubry Other 90
NY State Assembly-37 Catherine Nolan D 80
NY State Assembly-41 Helene Weinstein Other 90
NY State Assembly-45 Steven Cymbrowitz D 70
NY State Assembly-47 William Colton Other 90
NY State Assembly-48 Dov Hikind D 70
NY State Assembly-49 Peter Abbate, Jr. Other 70
NY State Assembly-50 Joseph Lentol D 90
NY State Assembly-51 Felix Ortiz, Jr. D 90
NY State Assembly-58 Nick Perry D 80
NY State Assembly-63 Michael Cusick D 90
NY State Assembly-66 Deborah Glick D 90
NY State Assembly-67 Linda Rosenthal D 80
NY State Assembly-69 Daniel O'Donnell D 90
NY State Assembly-71 Herman Farrell, Jr. D 90
NY State Assembly-75 Dick Gottfried D 90
NY State Assembly-78 Jose Rivera Other 60
NY State Assembly-81 Jeffrey Dinowitz D 90
NY State Assembly-82 Michael Benedetto D 80
NY State Assembly-83 Carl Heastie D 90
NY State Assembly-84 Carmen Arroyo Other 80
NY State Assembly-88 Amy Paulin D 90
NY State Assembly-89 Gary Pretlow, Sr. D 90
NY State Assembly-95 Sandy Galef D 70
NY State Assembly-96 Kenneth Zebrowski, Jr. D 30
NY State Assembly-100 Aileen Gunther D 60
NY State Assembly-103 Kevin Cahill D 90
NY State Assembly-118 Marc Butler Other 0
NY State Assembly-120 William Barclay R 20
NY State Assembly-121 William Magee Other 30
NY State Assembly-122 Clifford Crouch R 20
NY State Assembly-123 Donna Lupardo D 80
NY State Assembly-125 Barbara Lifton Other 90
NY State Assembly-126 Gary Finch R 0
NY State Assembly-129 William Magnarelli D 80
NY State Assembly-130 Bob Oaks R 0
NY State Assembly-131 Brian Kolb R 0
NY State Assembly-133 Joseph Errigo Other 0
NY State Assembly-136 Joe Morelle D 80
NY State Assembly-137 David Gantt D 60
NY State Assembly-139 Stephen Hawley Other 0
NY State Assembly-140 Robin Schimminger D 40
NY State Assembly-141 Crystal Peoples-Stokes Other 80
NY State Assembly-148 Joseph Giglio Other 0
NY State Senate-1 Kenneth LaValle R 20
NY State Senate-2 John Flanagan, Jr. Other 0
NY State Senate-4 Philip Boyle R 40
NY State Senate-5 Carl Marcellino Other 10
NY State Senate-6 Kemp Hannon Other 0
NY State Senate-12 Michael Gianaris D 90
NY State Senate-13 José Peralta Other 80
NY State Senate-16 Toby Ann Stavisky D 90
NY State Senate-21 Kevin Parker Other 80
NY State Senate-22 Martin Golden Other 0
NY State Senate-23 Diane Savino Other 60
NY State Senate-25 Velmanette Montgomery D 80
NY State Senate-28 Liz Krueger Other 100
NY State Senate-29 José Serrano Other 90
NY State Senate-32 Ruben Diaz, Sr. D 60
NY State Senate-34 Jeff Klein D 20
NY State Senate-37 George Latimer D 90
NY State Senate-39 Bill Larkin, Jr. Other 0
NY State Senate-42 John Bonacic Other 0
NY State Senate-44 Neil Breslin Other 80
NY State Senate-45 Betty Little Other 0
NY State Senate-49 James Tedisco Other 20
NY State Senate-50 John DeFrancisco Other 20
NY State Senate-51 James Seward Other 0
NY State Senate-53 Dave Valesky Other 20
NY State Senate-56 Joe Robach Other 0
NY State Senate-57 Cathy Young Other 0
NY State Senate-58 Thomas O'Mara Other 10
NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Other 100
NY Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli D 90
NY Supervisor-At-Large Bill Reilich 0
NY Council Member-46 Alan Maisel D 80
NY Borough President -At-Large Ruben Diaz, Jr. N/A 80
James Alesi 10
Marc Alessi 90
Thomas Alfano 70
Carl Andrews 90
Darrel Aubertine 70
James Bacalles 30
Michael Balboni 0
Robert Barra 20
Michael Benjamin 80
Jonathan Bing 90
William Boyland, Jr. 80
Adam Bradley 90
James Brennan 90
Richard Brodsky 90
Jeffrey Brown 20
Joseph Bruno 0
Daniel Burling 10
Nancy Calhoun 10
Karim Camara 70
Ronald Canestrari 90
Ann-Margaret Carrozza 50
Pat Casale 10
Joan Christensen 50
Barbara Clark 90
Adele Cohen 70
Mike Cole 0
Martin Connor 90
James Conte 40
Marc Coppola 90
Francine DelMonte 80
RoAnn Destito 70
Luis Diaz 80
Thomas Duane 80
Patricia Eddington 70
Hugh Farley 0
Ginny Fields 70
Sylvia Friedman 80
Charles Fuschillo, Jr. 10
Efrain Gonzalez, Jr. 60
Diane Gordon 70
Alexander Grannis 80
Roger Green 70
Aurelia Greene 80
Ruth Hassell-Thompson 60
James Hayes 10
Daniel Hooker 0
Sam Hoyt III 80
Vincent Ignizio 10
Rhoda Jacobs 80
Susan John 90
Owen Johnson 0
Ryan Scott Karben 83
Thomas Kirwan 10
David Koon 90
Carl Kruger 30
Ivan Lafayette 80
John Lavelle 80
Vincent Leibell III 10
Tom Libous 10
Vito Lopez 60
Martin Malavé Dilan 70
Serphin Maltese 0
Patrick Manning 0
John Marchi 0
Margaret Markey 80
Nettie Mayersohn 90
George Maziarz 0
Roy McDonald 30
John McEneny 80
Brian McLaughlin 10
Raymond Meier 0
Jimmy Meng 20
Joel Miller 10
Joan Millman 90
Matthew Mirones 0
Thomas Morahan 30
Louis Mosiello 38
Michael Nozzolio 0
George Onorato 60
Suzi Oppenheimer 70
George Christian Ortloff, Sr. 0
Frank Padavan 20
William Parment 20
David Paterson 80
Audrey Pheffer 90
Adam Powell IV 70
Jack Quinn III 0
Annie Rabbitt 20
Mary Lou Rath 0
Robert Reilly 80
Naomi Rivera 80
Peter Rivera 90
Annette Robinson 80
John Sabini 70
Joseph Saladino 30
Stephen Saland 0
John Sampson 50
Teresa Sayward 10
William Scarborough 80
Mark Schroeder 60
Dierdre Scozzafava 30
Anthony Seminerio 60
Sheldon Silver 80
Dean Skelos 0
Ada Smith 90
Malcolm Smith 50
Nicholas Spano 10
William Stachowski 40
Willis Stephens, Jr. 30
Bob Sweeney 80
Paul Tokasz 90
Darryl Towns 80
David Townsend, Jr. 10
Caesar Trunzo 0
Dale Volker 0
Robert Walker 80
Harvey Weisenberg 90
Mark Weprin 90
George Winner, Jr. 0
Sandra Lee Wirth 0
James Wright 10
Keith Wright 80

How to Interpret these Evaluations

Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups often do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable in showing where an incumbent has stood on a series of votes in the past one or two years, especially when ratings by groups on all sides of an issue are compared. Website links, if available, and descriptions of the organizations offering performance evaluations are accessible by clicking on the name of the group.

Most performance evaluations are displayed in a percentage format. However, some organizations present their ratings in the form of a letter grade or endorsement based on voting records, interviews, survey results and/or sources of campaign funding. For consistency and ease in understanding, Project Vote Smart converts all scores into a percentage when possible. Please visit the group's website or call 1-888-VOTESMART for more specific information.

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