Rating Group: Children's Defense Fund Minnesota

2007 Positions on Child and Youth Issues

State Office Name Party Rating
MN U.S. House-3 Erik Paulsen R 0
MN U.S. House-6 Tom Emmer R 0
MN State House-3B Mary Murphy DFL 100
MN State House-4B Paul Marquart DFL 83
MN State House-8A Bud Nornes R 17
MN State House-15A Sondra Erickson R 0
MN State House-18A Dean Urdahl R 33
MN State House-20B David Bly DFL 100
MN State House-22B Rod Hamilton R 0
MN State House-23A Bob Gunther R 17
MN State House-23B Tony Cornish R 17
MN State House-26A Tina Liebling DFL 100
MN State House-27B Jeanne Poppe DFL 100
MN State House-28A Pelowski, Jr. DFL 80
MN State House-34A Joyce Peppin R 0
MN State House-36B Melissa Hortman DFL 100
MN State House-38B Matt Dean R 0
MN State House-39A Bob Dettmer R 0
MN State House-40A Michael Nelson DFL 100
MN State House-40B Debra Hilstrom DFL 100
MN State House-43B Leon Lillie DFL 100
MN State House-44A Sarah Anderson R 17
MN State House-45A Lyndon Carlson, Sr. DFL 100
MN State House-47B Joe Hoppe R 0
MN State House-50A Linda Slocum DFL 100
MN State House-51A Sandra Masin DFL 100
MN State House-52A Rick Hansen DFL 100
MN State House-58B Patrick Garofalo R 0
MN State House-60A Diane Loeffler DFL 100
MN State House-61A Frank Hornstein DFL 100
MN State House-61B Paul Thissen DFL 100
MN State House-62A Karen Clark DFL 100
MN State House-63A Jim Davnie DFL 100
MN State House-63B Jean Wagenius DFL 100
MN State House-64A Erin Murphy DFL 100
MN State House-65B Carlos Mariani DFL 100
MN State House-66A Alice Hausman DFL 100
MN State House-66B John Lesch DFL 100
MN State House-67A Tim Mahoney DFL 83
MN State House-67B Sheldon Johnson DFL 100
MN State Senate-3 Thomas Bakk DFL 80
MN State Senate-4 Kent Eken DFL 83
MN State Senate-6 David Tomassoni DFL 80
MN State Senate-8 Bill Ingebrigtsen R 0
MN State Senate-11 Tony Lourey DFL 100
MN State Senate-12 Torrey Westrom R 20
MN State Senate-13 Michelle Fischbach R 40
MN State Senate-23 Julie Rosen R 40
MN State Senate-25 David Senjem R 20
MN State Senate-27 Dan Sparks DFL 60
MN State Senate-29 Bruce Anderson R 0
MN State Senate-34 Warren Limmer R 20
MN State Senate-35 Jim Abeler II R 20
MN State Senate-41 Carolyn Laine DFL 100
MN State Senate-43 Charles Wiger DFL 100
MN State Senate-45 Ann Rest DFL 80
MN State Senate-46 Ronald Latz DFL 100
MN State Senate-51 Jim Carlson DFL 100
MN State Senate-61 D. Scott Dibble DFL 100
MN State Senate-63 Patricia Torres Ray DFL 100
MN State Senate-64 Richard Cohen DFL 100
MN State Senate-65 Sandra Pappas DFL 100
MN State Senate-66 John Marty DFL 100
MN Secretary of State Steve Simon DFL 100
MN Mayor-At-Large Nora Slawik 100
MN Commissioner-1 Ron Shimanski 0
MN Commissioner-2 Linda Higgins 100
MN Commissioner-3 Michael Beard 0
MN Commissioner-4 Karla Bigham 100
MN Commissioner-4 Tom Rukavina 83
MN Commissioner-6 Mary Holberg 0
MN Commissioner-7 Chris Gerlach R 0
Ellen Anderson 100
Tom Anzelc 83
Joseph Atkins 100
John Benson 83
Linda Berglin 100
John Berns 17
Donald Betzold 100
Terri Bonoff 80
Laura Brod 0
Robin Brown 83
Kathy Brynaert 100
Mark Buesgens 0
Julie Bunn 83
Satveer Chaudhary 100
Tarryl Clark 100
Richard Day 0
Chris DeLaForest 0
Randy Demmer 0
David Dill 83
Stephen Dille 60
Denise Dittrich 83
John Doll 80
Willie Dominguez 100
Al Doty 83
Robert Eastlund 0
Ron Erhardt 60
Sharon Erickson Ropes 100
Tim Faust 100
Brad Finstad 0
Leo Foley 100
Dennis Frederickson 40
Patti Fritz 100
Paul Gardner 83
Joseph Gimse 40
Steve Gottwalt 40
Mindy Greiling 100
Tom Hackbarth 0
David Hann 0
Larry Haws 83
Bud Heidgerken 20
Bill Hilty 100
Larry Hosch 100
Larry Howes 25
Thomas Huntley 100
Mike Jaros 83
Debbie Johnson 0
Al Juhnke 100
Michael Jungbauer 20
Phyllis Kahn 100
Jeremy Kalin 83
Margaret Kelliher 100
Katherine Knuth 100
Amy Koch 20
Lyle Koenen 83
Paul Koering 40
Paul Kohls 0
Scott Kranz 100
Gary Kubly 100
Keith Langseth 100
Morrie Lanning 33
Dan Larson 100
Ann Lenczewski 100
Bernard Lieder 83
Ann Lynch 80
Shelley Madore 100
Doug Magnus 0
Carol McFarlane 33
Denny McNamara 0
Jim Metzen 80
Geoff Michel 20
Frank Moe 83
William Morgan 83
Terence Morrow 100
Mee Moua 100
Joe Mullery 100
Steve Murphy 100
Thomas Neuville 0
Kim Norton 83
David Olin 100
Rick Olseen 100
Gen Olson 0
Mark Olson 0
Mary Olson 100
Julianne Ortman 0
Mary Otremba 83
Dennis Ozment 0
Patricia Pariseau 0
Michael Paymar 100
Aaron Peterson 100
Neil Peterson 60
Sandra Peterson 100
Lawrence Pogemiller 100
Prettner Solon 100
Claire Robling 40
Sandy Rummel 80
Connie Ruth 17
Maria Ruud 83
Brita Sailer 100
Kathy Saltzman 80
Tom Saxhaug 80
Bev Scalze 100
Linda Scheid 100
Marty Seifert 0
Anthony Sertich 83
Daniel Severson 17
Kathy Sheran 100
Katie Sieben 100
Dean Simpson 0
Rod Skoe 80
Dan Skogen 60
Steve Smith 33
Loren Solberg 83
LeRoy Stumpf 100
Steven Sviggum 0
Marsha Swails 83
Cy Thao 100
Tom Tillberry 100
Kathy Tingelstad 20
Ken Tschumper 100
Ray Vandeveer 0
James Vickerman 80
Neva Walker 100
John Ward 100
Lynn Wardlow 25
Andy Welti 83
Betsy Wergin 0
Ryan Winkler 100
Sandra Wollschlager 100
Kurt Zellers 0

How to Interpret these Evaluations

Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups often do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable in showing where an incumbent has stood on a series of votes in the past one or two years, especially when ratings by groups on all sides of an issue are compared. Website links, if available, and descriptions of the organizations offering performance evaluations are accessible by clicking on the name of the group.

Most performance evaluations are displayed in a percentage format. However, some organizations present their ratings in the form of a letter grade or endorsement based on voting records, interviews, survey results and/or sources of campaign funding. For consistency and ease in understanding, Project Vote Smart converts all scores into a percentage when possible. Please visit the group's website or call 1-888-VOTESMART for more specific information.

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