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Ohio Christian Alliance



Phone line 1: 330-887-1922



Post Office Box 852 Westfield Center, OH 44251-0852 Phone: 330-887-1922 Fax: 330-887-1923 "The Christian Coalition of Ohio is a non-profit organization that seeks to make a difference in the public arena regarding the issues that matter most. We stand for integrity in government, high moral values, constitutional authority, and Christian principles. We are not tied to any political party, nor do we receive funds from the National Christian Coalition. Our purpose is to educate and influence voters and politicians to keep their commitment to both liberty and law; that America may continue to be one nation under God. Our Mission 1. Represent Christians before local councils, state legislatures and Congress; 2. Speak out in the public arena and in the media; 3. Train Christian leaders for effective social and political action; 4. Inform Christians about timely issues and pending legislation; 5. Protest anti-Christian bias and defend the legal rights of Christians."

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