Rating Group: National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund

2010 Positions on Gun Rights

Issues: Guns
State Office Name Party Rating
NA U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry R 100%
TX U.S. House-1 Louie Gohmert R 92%
TX U.S. House-2 Ted Poe R 92%
TX U.S. House-3 Sam Johnson R 92%
TX U.S. House-5 Jeb Hensarling R 92%
TX U.S. House-6 Joe Barton R 92%
TX U.S. House-7 John Culberson R 92%
TX U.S. House-8 Kevin Brady R 92%
TX U.S. House-9 Al Green D 0%
TX U.S. House-10 Michael McCaul R 92%
TX U.S. House-11 Mike Conaway R 92%
TX U.S. House-12 Kay Granger R 92%
TX U.S. House-13 Mac Thornberry R 92%
TX U.S. House-14 Randy Weber R 92%
TX U.S. House-17 Bill Flores R 92%
TX U.S. House-18 Sheila Jackson Lee D 0%
TX U.S. House-20 Joaquin Castro D 42%
TX U.S. House-21 Lamar Smith R 100%
TX U.S. House-22 Pete Olson R 92%
TX U.S. House-24 Kenny Marchant R 92%
TX U.S. House-26 Michael Burgess R 92%
TX U.S. House-27 Blake Farenthold R 83%
TX U.S. House-28 Henry Cuellar D 92%
TX U.S. House-29 Gene Green D 92%
TX U.S. House-30 Eddie Johnson D 0%
TX U.S. House-31 John Carter R 92%
TX U.S. House-32 Pete Sessions R 100%
TX U.S. House-33 Marc Veasey D 75%
TX U.S. House-35 Lloyd Doggett II D 0%
TX Governor Gregory Abbott R 100%
TX Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick R 92%
TX State House-2 Dan Flynn R 100%
TX State House-4 Lance Gooden R 92%
TX State House-8 Byron Cook R 92%
TX State House-19 James White R 92%
TX State House-22 Joe Deshotel D 92%
TX State House-25 Dennis Bonnen R 100%
TX State House-28 John Zerwas R 92%
TX State House-30 Geanie Morrison R 92%
TX State House-31 Ryan Guillén D 92%
TX State House-32 Todd Hunter R 92%
TX State House-34 Abel Herrero D 92%
TX State House-37 René Oliveira D 58%
TX State House-38 Eddie Lucio III D 92%
TX State House-39 Mando Martinez D 92%
TX State House-42 Richard Raymond D 92%
TX State House-45 Jason Isaac R 75%
TX State House-46 Dawnna Dukes D 0%
TX State House-47 Paul Workman R 92%
TX State House-48 Donna Howard D 42%
TX State House-51 Eddie Rodriguez D 0%
TX State House-52 Larry Gonzales R 92%
TX State House-56 Doc Anderson R 92%
TX State House-61 Phil King R 100%
TX State House-62 Larry Phillips R 100%
TX State House-63 Tan Parker R 92%
TX State House-72 Drew Darby R 92%
TX State House-78 Joe Moody D 92%
TX State House-79 Joe Pickett D 83%
TX State House-80 Tracy King D 92%
TX State House-82 Thomas Craddick R 100%
TX State House-84 John Frullo R 92%
TX State House-86 John Smithee R 92%
TX State House-87 Four Price IV R 92%
TX State House-89 Jodie Laubenberg R 92%
TX State House-96 Bill Zedler R 92%
TX State House-99 Charlie Geren R 92%
TX State House-101 Chris Turner D 83%
TX State House-103 Rafael Anchía D 83%
TX State House-104 Roberto Alonzo D 42%
TX State House-105 Rodney Anderson R 92%
TX State House-109 Helen Giddings D 42%
TX State House-111 Yvonne Davis D 0%
TX State House-112 Angie Chen Button R 92%
TX State House-113 Cindy Burkett R 92%
TX State House-121 Joe Straus R 92%
TX State House-122 Lyle Larson R 92%
TX State House-127 Dan Huberty R 92%
TX State House-131 Alma Allen D 50%
TX State House-133 Jim Murphy R 92%
TX State House-134 Sarah Davis R 92%
TX State House-135 Gary Elkins R 92%
TX State House-138 Dwayne Bohac R 92%
TX State House-141 Senfronia Thompson D 42%
TX State House-142 Harold Dutton, Jr. D 33%
TX State House-143 Ana Hernandez D 17%
TX State House-147 Garnet Coleman D 0%
TX State House-148 Jessica Farrar D 0%
TX State House-149 Hubert Vo D 67%
TX State Senate-1 Bryan Hughes R 92%
TX State Senate-3 Robert Nichols R 92%
TX State Senate-4 Brandon Creighton R 92%
TX State Senate-5 Charles Schwertner R 92%
TX State Senate-9 Kelly Hancock R 92%
TX State Senate-11 Larry Taylor R 100%
TX State Senate-13 Borris Miles D 0%
TX State Senate-14 Kirk Watson D 67%
TX State Senate-15 John Whitmire D 92%
TX State Senate-17 Joan Huffman R 92%
TX State Senate-18 Lois Kolkhorst R 92%
TX State Senate-19 Carlos Uresti D 50%
TX State Senate-22 Brian Birdwell R 92%
TX State Senate-25 Donna Campbell R 92%
TX State Senate-26 José Menéndez D 92%
TX State Senate-28 Charles Perry R 92%
TX Attorney General Ken Paxton, Jr. R 92%
TX Comptroller of Public Accounts Glenn Hegar, Jr. R 100%
TX Mayor-At-Large Sylvester Turner D 0%
Jose Aliseda 92%
Phillip Andrews 92%
Ted Ankrum 58%
Jimmie Don Aycock 92%
Marva Beck 92%
Leo Berman 100%
Tom Berry 92%
Tim Besco 67%
Valinda Bolton 42%
Abel Bosquez 58%
Dick Bowen 92%
Dick Bowen 92%
Daniel Branch 83%
Stephen Broden 92%
Fred Brown 92%
Michael Bunch 92%
Lon Burnam 0%
Erwin Cain 92%
Bill Callegari 92%
Francisco Canseco 92%
Stefani Carter 92%
Rebecca Cervera 92%
Warren Chisum 92%
Wayne Christian 92%
Susan Combs 92%
Myra Crownover 92%
John Davis 92%
Bob Deuell 100%
David Dewhurst 100%
Joe Driver 100%
Jim Dunnam 58%
Neil Durrance 92%
Chet Edwards 92%
Craig Eiland 83%
Rob Eissler 92%
Rodney Ellis 0%
Kevin Eltife 92%
Kirk England 92%
Joe Farias 92%
John Faulk, Sr. 92%
Allen Fletcher 92%
Kenneth Franks 92%
Stephen Frost 100%
Pete Gallego 83%
John Garza 58%
Hank Gilbert 83%
Veronica Gonzales 67%
Charlie Gonzalez 0%
Yvonne González Toureilles 92%
Richard Hackney 92%
Ralph Hall 92%
Mike Hamilton 92%
Rick Hardcastle 92%
Patricia Harless 92%
Linda Harper-Brown 92%
Will Ford Hartnett 92%
VaLinda Hathcox 42%
Joe Heflin 92%
Fernando Herrera 92%
Paula Hightower-Pierson 92%
Harvey Hilderbran 92%
Rubén Hinojosa, Sr. 42%
Scott Hochberg 58%
Michael Holdman 92%
Mark Homer 100%
Chuck Hopson 100%
Charlie Howard 92%
Jim Jackson 92%
Marilyn Jackson 92%
Pati Jacobs 67%
Jim Keffer 92%
T.C. Kincaid, Jr. 92%
Susan King 92%
Tim Kleinschmidt 92%
Edmund Kuempel 100%
James Landtroop, Jr. 92%
George Lavender 92%
Ken Legler 92%
David McQuade Leibowitz 83%
Tryon Lewis 92%
Lanham Lyne 92%
John Mabry, Jr. 58%
Jerry Madden 92%
Barbara Mallory Caraway 17%
Dee Margo 92%
Trey Martinez Fischer 58%
Michael Mauldin 92%
Ruth Jones McClendon 33%
Patrick McGuinness 92%
Jim McReynolds 92%
Lainey Melnick 17%
Robert Miklos 92%
Doug Miller 92%
Sid Miller 92%
Roy Morales 92%
Carol Morgan 42%
Steve Mueller 92%
Elliott Naishtat 0%
Barbara Nash 92%
Brad Neal 92%
Dan Neil 92%
Jane Gray Nelson 100%
Randy Neugebauer 92%
Jack O'Connor 92%
Steve Ogden 75%
Rob Orr 92%
Solomon Ortiz, Jr. 92%
Solomon Ortiz, Sr. 92%
John Otto 92%
Diane Patrick 92%
Jerry Patterson 100%
Ron Paul 83%
Aaron Pena, Jr. 100%
Gilbert Pena 83%
Jim Pitts 92%
Robert Pruett 58%
Chente Quintanilla 92%
Barbara Ann Radnofsky 83%
Silvestre Reyes 75%
Debbie Riddle 100%
Allan Ritter 92%
Ciro Rodriguez 83%
Patrick Rose 100%
Connie Scott 92%
Mary Serafine 67%
Florence Shapiro 92%
Kathleen Shaw 42%
Kenneth Sheets 92%
Ralph Sheffield 92%
Mark Shelton 92%
David Simpson 92%
Todd Smith 92%
Wayne Smith 92%
Burt Solomons 92%
Sylvia Spivey 92%
Todd Staples 92%
Mark Strama 92%
Van Taylor 92%
Kristi Thibaut 83%
Raul Torres 92%
Clayton Trotter 92%
Vicki Truitt 92%
Bryan Underwood 92%
Allen Vaught 92%
Michael Villarreal 92%
Earl Wentworth 100%
Bill White 67%
Gary Wilson, Jr. 83%
Beverly Woolley 92%
Eddie Zamora, Jr. 92%

How to Interpret these Evaluations

Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups often do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable in showing where an incumbent has stood on a series of votes in the past one or two years, especially when ratings by groups on all sides of an issue are compared. Website links, if available, and descriptions of the organizations offering performance evaluations are accessible by clicking on the name of the group.

Most performance evaluations are displayed in a percentage format. However, some organizations present their ratings in the form of a letter grade or endorsement based on voting records, interviews, survey results and/or sources of campaign funding. For consistency and ease in understanding, Project Vote Smart converts all scores into a percentage when possible. Please visit the group's website or call 1-888-VOTESMART for more specific information.

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