State Office Name Party Rating
MA U.S. House-8 Stephen Lynch D 86%
MA State House-Tenth Bristol William Straus D 73%
MA State House-Eleventh Bristol Robert Koczera D 73%
MA State House-Thirteenth Bristol Antonio Cabral D 91%
MA State House-Fourteenth Bristol Elizabeth Poirier R 30%
MA State House-Third Essex Brian Dempsey D 59%
MA State House-Fourth Essex Bradford Hill R 45%
MA State House-Thirteenth Essex Theodore Speliotis D 95%
MA State House-First Franklin Stephen Kulik D 73%
MA State House-Seventh Hampden Thomas Petrolati D 100%
MA State House-Eighth Hampden Joseph Wagner D 50%
MA State House-Fifth Middlesex David Linsky D 100%
MA State House-Eleventh Middlesex Kay Khan D 100%
MA State House-Twelfth Middlesex Ruth Balser D 100%
MA State House-Fourteenth Middlesex Cory Atkins D 100%
MA State House-Fifteenth Middlesex Jay Kaufman D 100%
MA State House-Sixteenth Middlesex Thomas Golden, Jr. D 64%
MA State House-Seventeenth Middlesex David Nangle D 91%
MA State House-Nineteenth Middlesex James Miceli D 64%
MA State House-Twentieth Middlesex Brad Jones, Jr. R 36%
MA State House-Thirty-Sixth Middlesex Colleen Garry D 73%
MA State House-First Norfolk Bruce Ayers D 100%
MA State House-Third Norfolk Ronald Mariano D 73%
MA State House-Sixth Norfolk William Galvin D 91%
MA State House-Eighth Norfolk Louis Kafka D 100%
MA State House-Twelfth Norfolk John Rogers D 82%
MA State House-Ninth Suffolk Byron Rushing D 100%
MA State House-Eleventh Suffolk Elizabeth Malia D 100%
MA State House-Fourteenth Suffolk Angelo Scaccia D 95%
MA State House-Seventeenth Suffolk Kevin Honan D 100%
MA State House-Nineteenth Suffolk Robert DeLeo D 100%
MA State House-Seventh Worcester Paul Frost R 45%
MA State House-Twelfth Worcester Harold Naughton, Jr. D 73%
MA State Senate-First Bristol and Plymouth Michael Rodrigues D 73%
MA State Senate-Second Bristol and Plymouth Mark Montigny D 86%
MA State Senate-Third Essex Thomas McGee D 68%
MA State Senate-First Essex and Middlesex Bruce Tarr R 57%
MA State Senate-Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester Stan Rosenberg D 86%
MA State Senate-Second Middlesex Pat Jehlen D 95%
MA State Senate-First Middlesex and Norfolk Cindy Creem D 86%
MA State Senate-Norfolk, Bristol and Plymouth Walter Timilty D 73%
MA State Senate-Plymouth and Barnstable Vinny deMacedo R 45%
MA State Senate-First Plymouth and Bristol Marc Pacheco D 86%
MA State Senate-First Worcester Harriette Chandler D 86%
MA Mayor-At-Large Michael Cahill 100%
MA Mayor-At-Large Martin Walsh D 100%
MA Council Member-At-Large Tim Toomey, Jr. 100%
MA Councilor-At-Large James Jajuga 86%
Steven Angelo 73%
Robert Antonioni 79%
Demetrius Atsalis 73%
Jarrett Barrios 100%
Robert Bernstein 86%
Frederick Berry 57%
John Binienda, Sr. 73%
Daniel Bosley 73%
Stephen Brewer 71%
Arthur Broadhurst, Jr. 36%
Scott Brown 45%
Nancy Caffyn 41%
Christine Canavan 45%
Gale Candaras 77%
Paul Caron 73%
Mark Carron 70%
Paul Casey 82%
Evelyn Chesky 55%
Vincent Paul Ciampa 91%
Edward Clancy, Jr. 79%
Carol Cleven 91%
Cheryl Coakley-Rivera 100%
Edward Connolly 45%
Robert Correia 73%
Geraldine Creedon 64%
Robert Creedon, Jr. 86%
Brian Cresta 45%
Walter DeFilippi 41%
Paul Demakis 100%
Salvatore DiMasi 86%
David Donnelly 100%
Carol Donovan 100%
James Fagan 36%
Christopher Fallon 91%
Susan Fargo 79%
Robert Fennell 73%
Michael Festa 100%
Barry Finegold 64%
Kevin Finnegan 36%
Thomas Finneran 86%
Kevin Fitzgerald 91%
Nancy Flavin 73%
David Flynn 73%
Gloria Fox 100%
John Fresolo 36%
Barbara Gardner 82%
David Gately 91%
Ronald Gauch 36%
Thomas George 36%
Anthony Philip Giglio 91%
Guy Glodis 64%
Emile Goguen 36%
Brian Golden 100%
Shirley Gomes 45%
William Greene, Jr. 64%
Cele Hahn 45%
Paul Haley 82%
Geoffrey Hall 73%
Robert Hargraves 45%
Lida Harkins 100%
John Hart, Jr. 91%
Robert Havern III 86%
Robert Hedlund, Jr. 57%
Reed Hillman 30%
Christopher Hodgkins 45%
Barbara Hyland 36%
Frank Hynes 100%
Cheryl Ann Jacques 86%
Brian Joyce 71%
Rachel Kaprielian 86%
Daniel Keenan 73%
Shaun Kelly 45%
Thomas Kennedy 91%
Jack Keough 80%
Michael Knapik 43%
Brian Knuuttila 73%
Peter Koutoujian 91%
Paul Kujawski 73%
Harold Lane, Jr. 50%
Peter Larkin 73%
Stephen LeDuc 73%
Brian Lees 43%
John Lepper 36%
Maryanne Lewis 73%
John Locke 50%
David Magnani 86%
Francis Marini 36%
J. James Marzilli, Jr. 100%
William McManus II 73%
Linda Melconian 71%
John Merrigan 64%
Richard Moore 71%
Michael Morrissey 57%
Charles Murphy 64%
Kevin Murphy 73%
Mary Jeanette Murray 73%
Therese Murray 86%
William Nagle, Jr. 86%
Thomas Norton 50%
Andrea Nuciforo, Jr. 71%
Robert Nyman 73%
Thomas O'Brien 73%
Eugene O'Flaherty 100%
Shirley Owens-Hicks 95%
Steven Panagiotakos 86%
Marie Parente 45%
Anne Marie Paulsen 95%
Vincent Pedone 73%
Douglas Petersen 100%
George Peterson, Jr. 36%
Anthony Petruccelli 100%
Susan Pope 55%
Ruth Provost 100%
John Quinn 73%
Henri S Rauschenbach 57%
Kathi-Anne Reinstein 73%
Pamela Resor 86%
Mary Rogeness 36%
George Rogers 100%
J. Michael Ruane 73%
Jose Santiago 91%
Charles Shannon, Jr. 57%
Mary Jane Simmons 73%
John Slattery 73%
Jo Ann Sprague 29%
Harriett Stanley 100%
John Stasik 100%
John Stefanini 95%
Marie St. Fleur 100%
Ellen Story 82%
David Sullivan 73%
Joseph Sullivan 100%
Benjamin Swan, Sr. 100%
Ronny Sydney 100%
Kathleen Teahan 64%
Richard Tisei 43%
Stephen Tobin 77%
Steven Tolman 86%
David Torrisi 64%
Robert Travaglini 86%
Philip Travis 64%
Susan Tucker 71%
Eric Turkington 100%
David Tuttle 45%
Jim Vallee 73%
Anthony Verga 73%
Patricia Walrath 73%
Marian Walsh 86%
Dianne Wilkerson 86%
Alice Wolf 100%

How to Interpret these Evaluations

Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups often do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable in showing where an incumbent has stood on a series of votes in the past one or two years, especially when ratings by groups on all sides of an issue are compared. Website links, if available, and descriptions of the organizations offering performance evaluations are accessible by clicking on the name of the group.

Most performance evaluations are displayed in a percentage format. However, some organizations present their ratings in the form of a letter grade or endorsement based on voting records, interviews, survey results and/or sources of campaign funding. For consistency and ease in understanding, Project Vote Smart converts all scores into a percentage when possible. Please visit the group's website or call 1-888-VOTESMART for more specific information.

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