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Planned Parenthood of Georgia



Address: 75 Piedmont Avenue NE, Suite 800, Atlanta, GA 30303

Phone line 1: 404-688-9305

Phone line 2: 404-567-8312

Fax: 404-688-0621


"Mission Statement - At Planned Parenthood We Envision A Future... in which all adults and adolescents are in charge of their reproductive lives - in which children are born to parents who have many life options, and who choose parenthood consciously, accepting the responsibilities that go with it - in which pregnancy is intentional, reflecting thought and care about producing new life - in which sexual relationships are by mutual wish, fulfilling their potential for reciprocal affection, respect, and trust - in which society itself, through its policies in the work place, schools, social organizations and structures, demonstrates the value it places on family life and children's futures." The organization endorsed the following representatives in that year.

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