Rating Group: Council for a Livable World

1999 Positions

State Office Name Party Rating
AL U.S. Senate-Sr Richard Shelby R 0%
AZ U.S. Senate-Sr John McCain III R 33%
CA U.S. Senate-Sr Dianne Feinstein D 57%
IA U.S. Senate-Sr Chuck Grassley R 29%
ID U.S. Senate-Sr Mike Crapo R 0%
IL U.S. Senate-Sr Dick Durbin D 71%
KS U.S. Senate-Sr Pat Roberts R 0%
KS Governor Sam Brownback R 14%
KY U.S. Senate-Sr Mitch McConnell R 0%
ME U.S. Senate-Sr Susan Collins R 0%
MS U.S. Senate-Sr Thad Cochran R 0%
NA U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions III R 0%
NY U.S. Senate-Sr Chuck Schumer D 57%
OH Attorney General Mike DeWine R 14%
OK U.S. Senate-Sr Jim Inhofe R 0%
OR U.S. Senate-Sr Ron Wyden D 71%
RI U.S. Senate-Sr Jack Reed D 43%
UT U.S. Senate-Sr Orrin Hatch R 0%
VT U.S. Senate-Sr Patrick Leahy D 71%
WA U.S. Senate-Sr Patty Murray D 43%
WY U.S. Senate-Sr Mike Enzi R 0%
Edmond Spencer Abraham 14%
Daniel Akaka, Sr. 43%
Wayne Allard 29%
John Ashcroft 14%
Kay Bailey Hutchison 0%
Max Baucus 57%
Evan Bayh 71%
Bob Bennett 0%
Joe Biden, Jr. 80%
Jeff Bingaman 57%
Kit Bond 14%
Barbara Boxer 57%
John Breaux 43%
Richard Bryan 57%
Jim Bunning 0%
Conrad Burns 0%
Robert Byrd 50%
Ben Campbell 0%
Joseph Maxwell Cleland 43%
Kent Conrad 57%
Paul Coverdell 0%
Larry Craig 0%
Thomas Daschle 57%
Chris Dodd 43%
Pete Domenici, Jr. 0%
Byron Dorgan 43%
John Edwards 71%
Russ Feingold 86%
Peter Fitzgerald 0%
William Frist 0%
Slade Gorton 0%
Daniel Graham 57%
William Phillip Gramm 29%
Rodney Grams 43%
Judd Gregg 0%
Charles Hagel 29%
Tom Harkin 71%
Jesse Helms 0%
Ernest Hollings 57%
Y. Tim Hutchinson 0%
Daniel Inouye 43%
James Merrill Jeffords 43%
Timothy Johnson 57%
Edward Kennedy, Sr. 57%
Bob Kerrey 57%
John Kerry 71%
Herb Kohl 71%
Jon Kyl 29%
Mary Landrieu 57%
Frank Lautenberg 57%
Carl Levin 71%
Joe Lieberman 57%
Blanche Lincoln 57%
Trent Lott, Sr. 0%
Dick Lugar 29%
Connie Mack 0%
Barbara Mikulski 57%
Patrick Moynihan 57%
Frank Murkowski 0%
Don Nickles 0%
Harry Reid 57%
Charles Robb 86%
Jay Rockefeller IV 71%
William Roth, Jr. 14%
Rick Santorum 14%
Paul Sarbanes 57%
Gordon Smith 43%
Bob Smith 0%
Olympia Snowe 0%
Arlen Specter 14%
Ted Stevens 0%
Craig Thomas 0%
Fred Thompson 14%
Strom Thurmond 0%
Robert Torricelli 71%
George Voinovich 14%
John Warner 0%
Paul Wellstone 100%

How to Interpret these Evaluations

Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups often do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable in showing where an incumbent has stood on a series of votes in the past one or two years, especially when ratings by groups on all sides of an issue are compared. Website links, if available, and descriptions of the organizations offering performance evaluations are accessible by clicking on the name of the group.

Most performance evaluations are displayed in a percentage format. However, some organizations present their ratings in the form of a letter grade or endorsement based on voting records, interviews, survey results and/or sources of campaign funding. For consistency and ease in understanding, Project Vote Smart converts all scores into a percentage when possible. Please visit the group's website or call 1-888-VOTESMART for more specific information.

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