Ballot Measures

Gambling and Gaming

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Gambling and Gaming

Date State Title Outcome
8/26 AK Ballot Measure 1: An Act relating to establishing the Alaska Gaming Commission Failed 11/04 AR Amendment 3: A Constitutional Amendment Authorizing the General Assembly to Establish, Operate and Regulate State Lotteries to Fund Scholarships and Grants for Arkansas Citizens Enrolled in Certified Two-Year and Four-Year Colleges and Universities in Arkansas Passed 2/05 CA Proposition 97: Referendum Petition to Overturn Amendment to Indian Gaming Compact. Passed 5/19 CA Proposition 1C: Lottery Modernization Act. Failed 11/04 CA Proposition 48: Indian Gaming Compacts. Referendum. Failed 11/04 CO Amendment 50: Limited Gaming in Central City, Black Hawk and Cripple Creek Passed 11/02 CO Amendment P: Regulation of Games of Chance Failed 11/04 CO Amendment 68: Shall State Taxes be Increased $114,500,000 Annually in the First Full Fiscal Year, and by Such Amounts that are Raised Thereafter, by Imposing a New Tax on Authorized Horse Racetracks' Adjusted Gross Proceeds from Limited Gaming to Increase Statewide Funding for K-12 Education, and, in Connection T Failed 11/04 KS SCR 1618: Kansas Charitable Gaming Measure Passed 11/04 MA Question 3: Act to Protect Greyhounds Passed 11/04 MA Question 3: Expanding Prohibitions on Gaming Failed 11/04 MD HB 4: Video Lottery Passed 11/06 MD Question 7: Gaming Expansion Referendum Passed 11/01 ME Question 1 - Citizen Initiative: Slot Machines Failed 11/04 ME Question 1: An Act to Allow a Casino in Oxford County Failed 11/02 ME Question 1: Citizen Initiative - Oxford County Casino Passed 11/08 ME Question 2: Citizen Initiative - Relating to Operating Slot Machines at Commercial Harness Racing Tracks Failed 11/08 ME Question 3: Citizen Initiative - Relating to the Establishment of a Slot Machine Facility in Lewiston Failed 11/04 MO Proposition A: Casinos and Gambling Passed 8/05 MO HJR 48: Constitutional Amendment 8 Failed 11/08 NJ Public Question Number 1: Constitutional Amendment Authorizing Legislature by Law to Allow Wagering on Sports Events at Atlantic City Casinos and at Horse Racetracks Passed 11/05 NJ Public Question 1: Permits Veterans' Organizations to Use Net Proceeds from Games of Chance for Organizations' Support Passed 11/08 NJ Public Question 1: Proposes Constitutional Amendment to Authorize Legislature to Permit by Law Establishment and Operation of Casinos in Certain Counties Failed 11/05 NY Proposal 1: Authorizing Casino Gaming Passed 11/04 OH Issue 6: To Amend the Constitution by Initiative Petition for a Casino Near Wilmington in Southwest Ohio and Distribute to all Ohio a Tax on the Casino Failed 11/03 OH Issue 3: Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Allow for One Casino Each in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo and Distribute to All Ohio Counties a Tax on the Casinos Passed 5/04 OH Issue 2: Proposed Constitutional Amendment: To Change The Location Of The Columbus Casino Facility Authorized By Previous Statewide Vote Passed 11/04 OR Measure 62: Amends Constitution: Allocates 15% of Lottery Proceeds to Public Safety Fund for Crime Prevention, Investigation, Prosecution Failed 11/02 OR Measure 76: Amends Constitution: Continues Lottery Funding for Parks, Beaches, Wildlife Habitat, Watershed Protection Beyond 2014; Modifies Funding Process Passed 11/02 OR Measure 75: Authorizes Multnomah County Casino; Casino to Contribute Monthly Revenue Percentage to State for Specified Purposes Failed 11/06 OR Measure 82: Amends Constitution: Authorizes Establishment of Privately-Owned Casinos; Mandates Percentage of Revenues Payable to Dedicated State Fund Failed 11/06 OR Measure 83: Authorizes Privately-Owned Wood Village Casino; Mandates Percentage Of Revenues Payable to Dedicated State Fund Failed 11/06 RI Question 1: Approval of an Act Authorizing State-Operated Casino Gaming at Twin River in the Town of Lincoln Passed 11/06 RI Question 2: Approval of an Act Authorizing State-Operated Casino Gaming at Newport Grand in the City of Newport Passed 11/04 RI Question 1: State Constitutional Approval Passed 11/04 RI Question 2: Amendment to the Constitution of the State Passed 11/08 RI Question 1: Approval of an Act Authorizing State-Operated Casino Gaming at “Twin River-Tiverton” in the Town of Tiverton Passed 11/04 SC : Amendment 1 Passed 11/04 SD Constitutional Amendment Q: Authorization of Roulette, Keno, and Craps in the City of Deadwood Passed 11/04 TN Constitutional Amendment No. 4: Charitable Gaming Passed 11/03 TX HJR 73: Proposition 4 Passed

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