Ballot Measures

Federal, State and Local Relations

Issue Category

Federal, State and Local Relations

Date State Title Outcome
8/28 AK Ballot Measure 2: An Act Establishing the Alaska Coastal Management Program Failed 11/04 AL Statewide Amendment 4: Alabama Blount County Annexation Amendment 4 Passed 11/02 AL Statewide Amendment 4: Blount County Tax Amendment Failed 11/06 AL Statewide Amendment 3: Proposed Statewide Amendment Number 3 Passed 11/06 AL Statewide Amendment 5: Proposed Statewide Amendment Number 5 Passed 11/06 AL Statewide Amendment 11: Proposed Statewide Amendment Number 11 Passed 11/04 AL : Statewide Amendment 1 Passed 11/08 AL HB193: Statewide Amendment 4 Passed 11/06 AZ Proposition 120: Proposed Amendment to the Constitution by the Legislature Relating to State Sovereignty Failed 11/04 AZ Proposition 122: A Concurrent Resolution Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Arizona; Amending Article II, Section 3, Constitution of Arizona; Relating to the Rejection of Unconstitutional Federal Actions Passed 11/06 CA Proposition 40: Redistricting. State Senate Districts. Referendum. Passed 11/08 CA Proposition 59: Overturn Citizens United Act Passed 11/02 CO Amendment 63: Health Care Choice Failed 11/04 GA Amendment 2: To authorize local school districts to use tax funds for community redevelopment purposes. Passed 11/06 GA Amendment 1: Georgia Charter Schools Amendment Passed 11/06 MI Proposal 12-1: A Referendum On Public Act 4 of 2011 - The Emergency Manager Law Failed 11/02 MO Proposition A: Earnings Taxes in Certain Cities Passed 11/02 MO Constitutional Amendment 3: Real Estate Taxes Passed 11/06 MO Proposition E: Relating to State-Based Health Insurance Exchanges Passed 11/06 MT Initiative No. 166: A Law Proposed By Initiative Petition Passed 11/04 NE Proposed Amendment 1: Changing the Powers of Municipalities Failed 11/02 NE Proposed Amendment No. 1: Municipality Fund Sources for Economic or Industrial Development Passed

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