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Housing and Property

Date State Title Outcome
11/02 AK Bonding Proposition A: State Guaranteed Veterans Residential Mortgage Bonds, $600,000,000 Passed 8/28 AK Ballot Measure 2: An Act Establishing the Alaska Coastal Management Program Failed 8/28 AK Ballot Measure 1: An Act Increasing the Maximum Residential Property Exemption and Providing for Annual Adjustments Passed 11/04 AL Statewide Amendment 4: Alabama Blount County Annexation Amendment 4 Passed 11/04 AL Statewide Amendment 3: Alabama Madison School Taxes Amendment 3 Passed 11/02 AL Statewide Amendment 1: Ad Valorem Tax Amendment Failed 11/06 AL Statewide Amendment 3: Proposed Statewide Amendment Number 3 Passed 11/08 AL HB339: Statewide Amendment 10 Passed 11/04 AZ Proposition 201: Homeowners' Bill of Rights Failed 11/04 AZ Proposition 100: Prohibition of Any New Property Sale or Transfer Tax Passed 11/02 AZ Proposition 110: Proposed Amendment to the Constitution by the Legislature Relating to State Trust Lands Failed 11/02 AZ Proposition 301: Referred to the People by the Legislature Relating to the Land Conservation Fund Failed 11/06 AZ Proposition 119: Proposed Amendment to the Constitution by the Legislature Relating to State Trust Lands Passed 11/06 AZ Proposition 117: Proposed Amendment to the Constitution by the Legislature Relating to Property Tax Assessed Valuation Passed 11/06 AZ Proposition 118: Proposed Amendment to the Constitution by the Legislature Relating to the Establishment of Permanent Funds Passed 11/06 AZ Proposition 120: Proposed Amendment to the Constitution by the Legislature Relating to State Sovereignty Failed 6/03 CA Proposition 99: Eminent Domain. Acquisition of Owner-Occupied Residence. Constitutional Amendment. Passed 6/03 CA Proposition 98: Government Acquisition, Regulation of Private Property. Constitutional Amendment. Failed 11/04 CA Proposition 12: Veterans' Bond Act of 2008 Passed 6/08 CA Proposition 13: Limits On Property Tax Assessment. Seismic Retrofitting Of Existing Buildings. Legislative Constitutional Amendment. Passed 6/03 CA Proposition 41: Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act of 2014 Passed 6/05 CA Proposition 72: Permits Legislature To Exclude Newly Constructed Rain-Capture Systems From Property Tax Reassessment Requirement Pending 11/04 CO Referendum M: Elimination of Obsolete Constitutional Provisions Regarding Land Value Increase Passed 11/02 CO Amendment R: Exempt Possessory Interests in Real Property Failed 11/02 CO Amendment 60: Property Taxes Failed 1/29 FL Amendment 1: Property Tax Exemptions; Limitations on Property Tax Assessments Passed 11/04 FL Constitutional Amendment 6: Assessment of Working Waterfront Property Based Upon Current Use Passed 11/04 FL Constitutional Amendment 3: Changes and Improvements Not Affecting the Assessed Value of Residential Real Property Passed 11/04 FL Constitutional Amendment 4: Property Tax Exemption of Perpetually Conserved Land; Classification and Assessment of Land Used for Conservation Passed 11/04 FL Constitutional Amendment 1: Relating to Property Rights/Ineligible Aliens Failed 11/02 FL Constitutional Amendment 2: Homestead Ad Valorem Tax Credit for Deployed Military Personnel Passed 11/02 FL Constitutional Amendment 4: Referenda Required for Adoption and Amendment of Local Government Comprehensive Land Use Plans Failed 11/06 FL Ballot (10): Tangible Personal Property Tax Exemption Failed 11/06 FL Ballot (4): Property Tax Limitations; Property Value Decline; Reduction for Nonhomestead Assessment Increases; Delay of Scheduled Repeal Failed 11/06 FL Ballot (9): Homestead Property Tax Exemption for Surviving Spouse of Military Veteran or First Responder Passed 11/06 FL Ballot (11): Additional Homestead Exemption; Low-Income Seniors Who Maintain Long-Term Residency on Property; Equal to Assessed Value Passed 11/06 FL Ballot (2): Veteran's Property Tax Discount Passed 11/06 FL Ballot Number 2: Limitations on Property Tax Assesments Pending 11/06 FL Ballot Number 1: Increased Homestead Property Tax Exemption Pending 11/04 GA Amendment 1: To encourage the preservation of Georgia's forests through a conservation use property tax reduction program. Passed 11/02 GA Constitutional Amendment 5: Allows Owners of Industrial-Zoned Property to Choose to Remove the Industrial Designation from Their Property Passed 11/02 GA State-Wide Referendum Question A: Provides for Inventory of Businesses to Be Exempt from State Property Tax Passed 11/04 GA HB 788: State-wide Referendum Question A Passed 11/02 IN Public Question No. 1: Property Tax Cap Amendment Passed 10/01 LA Ballot Measure 4: Exempt Jewelry from Property Taxes Failed 11/04 LA Amendment 6: Remove Restrictions on Disposition of Blighted Property Passed 11/04 LA Amendment 5: Transfer of the Special Assessment Level to New Property Purchased to Replace Expropriated Property Passed 11/02 LA Proposed Amendment No. 3: Act No. 1049 - Property Tax Exemptions for Veterans with Service-Connected Disability Passed 11/02 LA Proposed Amendment No. 5: Act No. 1050 - Homestead Tax Exemption for Disaster Damage Passed 11/02 LA Proposed Amendment No. 8: Act No. 1052 - Sale of Expropriated Property Passed 11/02 LA Proposed Amendment No. 7: Act No. 540 - Bidding Process of Ad Valorem Property Tax Sales Failed 11/02 LA Proposed Amendment No. 4: Act No. 542 - Limitation on Property Tax Increases Failed 10/22 LA Act 43: Louisiana Property Tax Sales Amendment Failed 11/19 LA Act 425: Louisiana Immovable Property Tax Amendment Passed 11/06 LA CA NO. 6 (Act 869 - HB 497): Government Authority of New Iberia - Property Annexed By the City Failed 11/06 LA CA NO. 4 (Act 875 - SB 337): Property Tax Exemption for Spouses of Deceased Veterans Passed 11/06 LA CA NO. 8 (Act 871 - HB 674): Property Tax Exemption by the Board of Commerce and Industry Passed 11/04 LA Act No. 436: Proposed Amendment No. 10 Passed 11/04 LA Act No. 432: Proposed Amendment No. 9 Failed 11/04 LA Act No. 433: Proposed Amendment No. 7 Passed 11/04 LA Act No. 872: Proposed Amendment No. 13 Failed 10/24 LA Act No. 470: Proposed Amendment No. 4 Passed 10/14 LA Act 428: Proposed Amendment No.1 Passed 10/14 LA Act 427: Proposed Amendment No.2 Passed 11/02 MA Question 2: Comprehensive Permits for Low- or Moderate- Income Housing Failed 11/03 ME : Question 2: Bond Issue Passed 11/02 MO Constitutional Amendment 2: Former Prisoners of War Property Tax Exemption Passed 11/02 MO Constitutional Amendment 3: Real Estate Taxes Passed 11/08 MS Initiative #31: Eminent Domain Passed 11/02 MT Constitutional Initiative No. 105: New Property Tax Elimination Passed 6/12 ND Initiated Constitutional Measure No. 2: Elimination of Property Taxes and Replacement of Lost Revenue Failed 11/04 ND HCR 3006: Constitutional Measure No. 2 Passed 6/14 ND Referred Measure Number 1: Referred Measure relating to the Ownership or Leasing of a Dairy Farm or Swine Production Facility by Corporations and Limited Liability Companies Failed 5/11 NE Proposed Amendment No. 1: A constitutional amendment to authorize the use of revenue bonds to develop and lease property for use by nonprofit enterprises as determined by law. Passed 11/01 NJ Public Question 1: Dedicates Annual Revenue of an Amount Equal to a Tax Rate of 1% Under the State Sales Tax for Property Tax Reform Failed 11/01 NJ Public Question 3: Green Acres, Farmland, Blue Acres, and Historic Preservation Bond Act of 2007 Passed 11/03 NJ Public Question: Green Acres, Water Supply and Floodplain Protection, and Farmland and Historic Preservation Bond Act of 2009 Passed 11/04 NM Bond Question 3: Health Facility Improvement Bonds Passed 11/04 NM Bond Question 1: Senior Citizen Facility Bonds Passed 11/02 NM Constitutional Amendment No. 4: Provide Property Tax Exemption for Property of a Veterans' Organization Passed 11/02 NM Bond Question D: Issuance and Sale of Higher Educational and Special Schools Capital Improvement and Acquisition Bonds Failed 11/02 NM Bond Question A: Senior Citizen Facility Improvements, Construction and Equipment Acquisition Projects Passed 11/04 NV Question 2: Eminent Domain Passed 11/04 NV Question 3: Requirements for Property and Sales Tax Exemptions Passed 11/02 NV Question No. 4: Eminent Domain Amendment Failed 11/03 NY Proposal 1 - Constitutional Amendment: Using Certain Forest Preserve Lands to Construct a Power Line Passed 11/05 NY Proposal 5: In Relation to a Land Exchange in the State Forest Preserve with NYCO Minerals, Inc. Passed 11/05 NY Proposal 4: Settling Disputed Title in the Forest Preserve Passed 11/04 OH Issue 3: To Amend the Constitution to Protect Private Property Rights in Ground Water, Lakes and Other Watercourses Passed 11/04 OK State Question 741: Property Tax Exemption Application Passed 11/04 OK State Question 735: Property Tax Exemption for Injured Veterans Passed 11/06 OK State Question No. 758: Amends Section 8B, Article 10 of State Constitution - Ad Valorem Taxation Limitation on Valuation Increases Passed 11/06 OK State Question No. 766: This Measure Would Exempt all Intangible Personal Property from Ad Valorem Property Taxation Passed 11/04 OK SQ 770: Amending Homestead Exemption Disabled Veterans Passed 11/04 OK SQ 771: Homestead Exemption for Surviving Spouse of Veteran Passed 11/01 OR Measure 49: Modifies Measure 37; Clarifies Right to Build Homes; Limits Large Developments; Protects Farms, Forests, Groundwater Passed 11/04 OR Measure 56: Amends Constitution: Provides that May and November Property Tax Elections are Decided by Majority of Voters Voting Passed 11/04 OR Measure 63: Exempts Specified Property Owners from Building Permit Failed 1/26 OR Measure 66: Raises Tax on Household Income At and Above $250,000 (and $125,000 for Individual Filers). Reduces Income Taxes on Unemployment Benefits in 2009. Provides Funds Currently Budgeted for Education, Health Care, Public Safety, Other Services Passed 11/02 OR Measure 72: Amends Constitution: Authorizes Exception to $50,000 State Borrowing Limit for State's Real and Personal Property Projects Passed 11/02 OR Measure 70: Amends Constitution: Expands Availability of Home Ownership Loans for Oregon Veterans through Oregon War Veterans' Fund Passed 11/06 OR Measure 79: Amends Constitution: Prohibits Real Estate Transfer Taxes, Fees, Other Assessments, Except those Operative on December 31, 2009 Passed 11/06 OR Measure 84: Phases Out Existing Inheritance Taxes on Large Estates, and All Taxes on Intra-Family Property Transfers Failed 11/07 PA measure: Proposed Constitutional Amendment Amending The Homestead Property Tax Assessment Exclusion Passed 11/04 RI Question 2: Open Space and Recreational Development Bonds Passed 11/06 RI Question 4: Veterans' Home Bond Passed 11/06 RI Question 7: Affordable Housing Bonds $25,000,000 Passed 11/08 RI Question 7: Housing Opportunity Bonds - $50,000,000 Passed 11/01 TX Proposition 8: Home Equity Loan Procedures Passed 11/01 TX Proposition 3: Homestead Taxes Passed 11/01 TX Proposition 5: Local Property Taxes Passed 11/01 TX Proposition 6: Motor Vehicle Taxes Passed 11/01 TX Proposition 9: Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans Passed 11/01 TX Proposition 7: Re-Sale of Property Acquired through Eminent Domain Passed 11/03 TX Proposition 5: Allowing Consolidated Boards of Equalization for Appraisal Districts Passed 11/03 TX Proposition 3: Allowing State Enforcement of Uniform Property Appraisal Standards and Procedures Passed 11/03 TX Proposition 9: Establishing a Right to Use and Access Public Beaches Passed 11/03 TX Proposition 2: Requiring Appraisal of Residence Homesteads Based Solely on their Homestead Value Passed 11/03 TX Proposition 11: Restricting Use of Eminent Domain to Taking Property for Public Purposes Passed 11/03 TX Proposition 6: Renewing Veterans' Land Board Bond Authority for Land and Mortgage Loans Passed 11/08 TX Propostion 1 (SJR 14): Authorizing Exemption from Ad Valorem Taxation of All or Part of the Market Value of the Residence Homestead of the Surviving Spouse of a 100 Percent or Totally Disabled Veteran Passed 11/08 TX Proposition 5: Authorizing the Legislature to Allow Cities or Counties to Enter into Interlocal Contracts with Other Cities or Counties Without the Imposition of a Tax or the Provision of a Sinking Fund Passed 11/08 TX Proposition 4 (HJR 63): Authorizing the Legislature to Permit a County to Issue Bonds or Notes to Finance the Development or Redevelopment of an Unproductive, Underdeveloped, or Blighted Area Failed 11/05 TX Proposition 5: Reverse Mortgage Loan Amendment Passed 11/03 TX SJR 1: Proposition 1 Passed 11/03 TX HJR 75: Proposition 2 Passed 11/03 TX SJR 52: Proposition 3 Passed 11/07 TX HJR 21: Proposition 1 Passed 11/07 TX SJR 60: Proposition 2 Passed 11/07 TX SJR 1: Proposition 6 Passed 11/02 UT Constitutional Amendment C: Resolution on Property Tax Exemption for Water Facilities Passed 11/06 UT Constitutional Amendment B: Joint Resolution on Property Tax Exemption for Military Personnel Passed 11/02 VA Ballot Question 2: Property Tax Exemption for Certain Veterans Passed 11/02 VA Ballot Question 1: Property Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled Passed 11/06 VA Question 1: Constitutional Amendment Prohibiting Taking or Damaging of Private Property for Public Use (Second Reference) Passed 11/04 VA : Proposed Constitutional Amendment Passed 11/08 VA H 865: An Act to Provide for the Submission to the Voters of a Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of Virginia Adding in Article X a Section Numbered 6 - B, Relating to Real Property Tax Exemptions Passed 11/02 WA Initiative Measure 1098: Concerning Establishing a State Income Tax and Reducing Other Taxes Failed 11/05 WA Advisory Vote No. 7: Concerns Estate Tax on Certain Property Transfers and Increased Rates for Estates Over $4,000,000 Failed 11/07 WA Engrossed House Bill 2242: Advisory Vote No. 18 Failed 11/04 WV : Nonprofit Youth Organization Tax Exemption Support Amendment Passed

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