Ballot Measures


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Higher Education

K-12 Education

Date State Title Outcome
11/06 CA Proposition 38: Tax to Fund Education and Early Childhood Programs. Initiative Statute. Failed 11/06 CA Proposition 30: Temporary Taxes to Fund Education. Guaranteed Local Public Safety Funding. Initiative Constitutional Amendment. Passed 11/06 GA Amendment 1: Georgia Charter Schools Amendment Passed 11/06 ID Proposition 1: Referendum to Approve or Reject Legislation Limiting Negotiated Agreements Between Teachers and Local School Boards and Ending the Practice of Issuing Renewable Contracts Failed 11/06 ID Proposition 3: Referendum to Approve or Reject Legislation Amending School District Funding, Requiring Provision of Computing Devices and Online Courses for High School Graduation Failed 11/06 ID Proposition 2: Referendum to Approve or Reject Legislation Providing Teacher Performance Pay Based on State-Mandated Test Scores, Student Performance, Hard-to-Fill Positions and Leadership Failed 8/07 MO Constitutional Amendment 2: Religious Freedom in Public Places Passed 11/06 MO Proposition B: Relating to Cigarette Taxes Failed 11/06 NM Bond Question B: General Obligation Bond B Passed 11/06 OR Measure 85: Amends Constitution: Allocates Corporate Income/Excise Tax "Kicker" Refund to Additionally Fund K Through 12 Public Education Passed 11/06 SD Referred Law 16: An Education Reform Act to Establish a Teacher Scholarship Program; Create a Program for Math and Science Teacher Bonuses; Create a Program for Teacher Merit Bonuses; Mandate a Uniform Teacher and Principal Evaluation System; and Eliminate State Requirements for Teacher Tenure Failed 11/06 SD Initiative Measure 15: An Initiated Measure to Increase State General Sales and Use Taxes for Additional K-12 Public Education and Medicaid Funding Failed 11/06 WA Initiative 1240: Concerning the Creation of a Public Charter School System Passed

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