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Legislative Branch

Date State Title Outcome
11/06 AL Statewide Amendment 8: Proposed Statewide Amendment Number 8 Passed 6/05 CA Proposition 28: Legislative Term Limits Reform Act of 2010 Passed 11/06 CA Proposition 40: Redistricting. State Senate Districts. Referendum. Passed 11/06 FL Ballot (5): State Courts Failed 11/06 LA CA NO. 7 (Act 870 - HB 524): Provides Filling Appointments/Vacancies on Boards/Commissions Passed 11/06 MD Question 5: Congressional Districting Plan Passed 6/12 ND Constitutional Measure No. 1: Appointment of Legislator to a Full-Time Appointive State Office Passed 11/06 ND Constitutional Measure No. 1: Elimination of Annual Poll Tax Passed 11/06 NE Proposed Amendment 3: Constitutional Amendment to Change Legislative Term Limits to Three Terms Failed 11/06 NE Proposed Amendment 4: Constitutional Amendment to Change Annual Legislative Salaries to Twenty-Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars Failed 11/06 NE Proposed Amendment 1: Constitutional Amendment to Provide That a Civil Officer is Liable to Impeachment for Misdemeanors in Pursuit of Office Passed 11/06 NV Question 1: Amendment to the Nevada Constitution Passed 11/06 OH State Issue 2: To Create a State-Funded Commission to Draw Legislative and Congressional Districts Failed 11/06 SD Constitutional Amendment N: An Amendment to the South Dakota Constitution Repealing Certain Reimbursement Restrictions for Travel by Legislators to and from a Legislative Session Failed 11/06 VA Question 2: Concerning Legislative Veto Sessions Passed

Marriage, Family, and Children

Military Personnel

Senior Citizens

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Unemployed and Low-Income



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