Ballot Measures

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Agriculture and Food

Animals and Wildlife

Business and Consumers

Campaign Finance and Elections

Civil Liberties and Civil Rights


Date State Title Outcome
11/03 ME Question 7: Constitutional Amendment: Direct Initiative and People's Veto Referendum Petitions Failed 11/03 NY Proposal 2 - Constitutional Amendment: Allowing Prisoners to Voluntarily Perform Work for Nonprofit Organizations Passed 11/03 OH Issue 3: Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Allow for One Casino Each in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo and Distribute to All Ohio Counties a Tax on the Casinos Passed 11/03 OH Issue 2: Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Create the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board Passed 11/03 TX Proposition 10: Allowing Board Members of Emergency Services Districts to Serve Four Years Passed 11/03 TX Proposition 5: Allowing Consolidated Boards of Equalization for Appraisal Districts Passed 11/03 TX Proposition 7: Allowing Members of the Texas State Guard to Hold Civil Office Passed 11/03 TX Proposition 3: Allowing State Enforcement of Uniform Property Appraisal Standards and Procedures Passed 11/03 TX Proposition 1: Authorizing City and County Financing to Buy Buffer Areas Near Military Installations Passed 11/03 TX Proposition 9: Establishing a Right to Use and Access Public Beaches Passed 11/03 TX Proposition 4: Establishing the National Research University Fund Passed 11/03 TX Proposition 2: Requiring Appraisal of Residence Homesteads Based Solely on their Homestead Value Passed 11/03 TX Proposition 11: Restricting Use of Eminent Domain to Taking Property for Public Purposes Passed 11/03 TX Proposition 6: Renewing Veterans' Land Board Bond Authority for Land and Mortgage Loans Passed



Employment and Affirmative Action


Entitlements and the Safety Net


Executive Branch

Gambling and Gaming

Government Budget and Spending

Government Operations

Health and Health Care

Higher Education

Housing and Property


K-12 Education

Legislative Branch

Marijuana Legalization


Military Personnel

Minors and Children

Oil and Gas



Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Stem Cell Research


Technology and Communication


Unemployed and Low-Income


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