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Measure Details

Proposed Amendment No. 1

Louisiana Ballot Measure - Act No. 439

Election: Nov. 4, 2014 (General)
Outcome: Passed

Health Insurance
Government Budget and Spending




Proposed Constitutional Amendment establishes the Louisiana Medical Assistance Trust Fund as a constitutional fund for the payment of Medicaid reimbursements to health care provider groups paying fees into the fund and requires the proceeds from the fees collected as provided by present law to be deposited into the fund.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment authorizes a separate account to be established within the fund for each health care provider group from which fees are collected according to law and for the fees and interest to be deposited into the account created for that provider group. Further provides the monies deposited into the fund from sources not required by law and interest on those monies shall be deposited into the general account within the fund.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment authorizes the legislature to appropriate monies from the fund only if the appropriation is eligible for federal financial participation. Further provides that monies in the general account may be appropriated for any Medicaid Program expenditure and the balance of each account shall be appropriated to reimburse services to the provider group which paid the fee into the account in any fiscal year.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment provides that monies appropriated from the provider accounts in the fund cannot be used to displace, replace or supplant appropriations from the state general fund for the Medicaid Program below the amount of state general fund appropriations to the Medicaid Program for Fiscal Year 2013-2014.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment requires the legislature to annually appropriate the funds necessary to provide for Medicaid Program rates for each provider group which pays fees into the fund that are no less than the average Medicaid Program rates established for Fiscal Year 2013-2014 and which may be adjusted annually.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment prohibits the governor or the legislature from reducing the base rate to satisfy a budget deficit, except the governor may reduce the appropriation for the base rate if the reduction does not exceed the average reduction of those made to the appropriations and reimbursement for other providers under the Medicaid Program or its successor and with the written consent of 2/3 of the elected members of the legislature, if the legislature is in session, or the approval of 2/3 of the members of the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget or its successor, if the legislature is not in session.

Measure Text

Do you support an amendment to authorize the legislature to create the Louisiana Medical Assistance Trust Fund, for the payment of Medicaid reimbursement to the health care provider groups paying fees into the fund?

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