Constitutional Amendment Prohibiting Discrimination Based on Race or Sex in Public Employment, Education or Contracts

Oklahoma Ballot Measure - State Question No. 759

Election: Nov. 6, 2012 (General)
Outcome: Passed

Yes: 745854  (59.19%)
No: 514163  (40.81%)



Engrossed SJR 15 proposes a constitutional amendment that, if approved by voters, would prohibit special treatment or discrimination based on race or sex in public employment, education or contracts.

Measure Text

This measure adds a new section to the State Constitution. It adds Section 36 to Article II.

The measure deals with three areas of government action. These areas are employment, education and contracting.

In these areas, the measure does not allow affirmative action programs. Affirmative action programs give preferred treatment based on race, color or gender. They also give preferred treatment based on ethnicity or national origin. Discrimination on these bases is also not permitted.

The measure permits affirmative action in three instances. 1. When gender is a bonafide qualification, it is allowed. 2. Existing court orders and consent decrees that require preferred treatment will continue and can be followed. 3. Affirmative action is allowed when needed to keep or obtain federal funds.

The measure applies to the State and its agencies. It applies to counties, cities and towns. It applies to school districts. It applies to other State subdivisions.

The measure applies only to actions taken after its approval by the people.


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