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Maryland Constitutional Convention

Maryland Ballot Measure - Question 1

Election: Nov. 2, 2010 (General)
Outcome: Passed





    This question asks Maryland voters whether a convention for the purpose of changing the Maryland Constitution should be called.

    Section 2 of Article XIV of the Maryland Constitution requires the General Assembly every twenty years to ask the voters whether a constitutional convention should be called.

    If a majority of voters voting at the 2010 general election vote for calling a constitutional convention, the General Assembly, at its next session, would be required to provide by law for the assembling of the convention and the elections for delegates to the convention.

    If a constitutional convention is called by Maryland voters, any new constitution or change or amendment to the current Maryland Constitution that may be adopted by the constitutional convention would be submitted to the voters of the State for adoption or rejection at a later election.

    Measure Text

    Should a constitutional convention be called for the purpose of changing the Maryland Constitution?

    Under Article XIV, Section 2 of the Maryland Constitution the General Assembly is required to ask the voters every 20 years whether a constitutional convention should be called for the purpose of altering the Maryland Constitution.

    For a Constitutional Convention

    Against a Constitutional Convention

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