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Appellate Court Amendment

Nevada Ballot Measure - Question No. 2

Election: Nov. 2, 2010 (General)
Outcome: Failed

Government Operations
Judicial Branch


Argument For


Argument Against


    The proposed amendment to the Nevada Constitution would authorize the Legislature to establish an intermediate appellate court, known as the Nevada Court of Appeals, that would have jurisdiction to hear certain appeals arising from civil and criminal cases from the district courts. If the Legislature establishes the intermediate appellate court, the Nevada Supreme Court would be responsible for establishing the specific jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals and for providing review of its decisions.

    Currently, language in Article 6 of the Nevada Constitution provides for the court system in Nevada, comprised of a Supreme Court, district courts, justices of the peace, and municipal courts. The Supreme Court is the only court in Nevada with jurisdiction to hear cases that are appealed from decisions rendered by the district courts. In addition, the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction over certain types of cases and administers the functions of the State Bar of Nevada and the judiciary.

    The proposed amendment does not create the Court of Appeals, but rather authorizes the Legislature to establish the Court.

    A "Yes" vote would authorize the Legislature to establish an intermediate appellate court.

    A "No" vote would retain the existing court system.

    Measure Text

    Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended to allow for the establishment of an intermediate appellate court, that would have jurisdiction over appeals of certain civil and criminal cases arising from the district courts?

    Yes [ ] No [ ]

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