Initiative Prohibiting the Use of Public Funds to Lobby or Campaign; and Prohibiting Holders of Government Contracts and Family Members from Making Political Contributions

Alaska Ballot Measure - Ballot Measure No. 1 - 07ANCO

Election: Aug. 24, 2010 (Primary)
Outcome: Failed

Yes: 62909  (39.22%)
No: 97478  (60.78%)




    This Act bans the use of public resources and funds for a political purpose. It does not permit the use of public funds to support or oppose a ballot measure. A person that employs someone who has been a legislator or legislative staff person in the previous two years could not have a government contract. The Act defines "government contract" broadly. It includes contracts with some labor unions. It includes contracts of a public body that gets a state subsidy. Certain public officers or candidates for public office could not accept contributions from a government contractor or a contractor's family. This Act requires the state to detail all contracts on its Website. The Act includes civil and criminal penalties. There are exceptions to some provisions of the Act.

    Measure Text

    This bill would ban the use of public funds for political campaigns and lobbying by state and local government agencies, and school districts. Public funds could not be used to support or oppose ballot measures, lobby to pass a law, or ask for public funding. Any entity that lobbies or campaigns would be barred from receiving public funds. It would ban political contributions by government contract holders and members of their families. It would ban legislators and their staff from being employed by government contract holders for two years after leaving state service. The bill has criminal and civil penalties.

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