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Proposed Constitutional Amendment: To Change The Location Of The Columbus Casino Facility Authorized By Previous Statewide Vote

Ohio Ballot Measure - Issue 2

Election: May 4, 2010 (Primary)
Outcome: Passed

Gambling and Gaming


Argument For


Argument Against


    At the November 3, 2009, General Election, Ohio voters approved an amendment to the Ohio Constitution to allow for one casino each in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo at specific locations.

    This proposed amendment would authorize moving the Columbus casino facility from the Arena District to a redevelopment site in the Columbus area formerly owned by General Motors and Delphi Automotive that has been vacant since 2007.

    If approved, this amendment would take effect immediately.

    Measure Text

    Shall The Proposed Amendment Be Approved?

    A "YES" vote means approval of the amendment.
    A "NO" vote means disapproval of the amendment.

    Proposed by Joint Resolution of the General Assembly To amend Section 6 of Article XV of the Constitution of the State of Ohio

    This proposed amendment would:
    Change the location of the Columbus area casino authorized by statewide vote at the November 2009 general election from the area known as "The Arena District" to the site of a former General Motors/Delphi Corp. manufacturing plant. The amendment makes no change regarding any other casino authorized by the previous statewide vote.

    If adopted, this amendment shall take effect immediately.

    A majority YES vote is required for the amendment to be adopted.


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