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To Amend the Constitution by Initiative Petition for a Casino Near Wilmington in Southwest Ohio and Distribute to all Ohio a Tax on the Casino

Ohio Ballot Measure - Issue 6

Election: General Nov. 4, 2008 (General)
Outcome: Failed

Gambling and Gaming
Government Budget and Spending


To adopt section 6a to article Xv of the Ohio constitution

This proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution would:

1. Authorize one privately owned casino with a required minimum initial Investment of $600 million dollars on a 94-acre site located near the northwest corner of State Route 73 and Interstate 71 in southwest Ohio in Chester Township near Wilmington, Clinton County, Ohio.

2. Require the casino to pay a tax of up to 30% on its gross receipts for gaming less payouts. The taxes are to be used first to pay expenses of regulating and collecting taxes from the casino, then for funding of gambling prevention and treatment programs, and the remainder to be distributed in the amount of 10% to Clinton County and 90% to the remaining counties based on population and to be used at each county’s discretion.

3. Reduce the tax paid by the casino authorized by this amendment to the lesser of the rate taxed on another casino or 25%, in the event another casino is permitted in Ohio in the future.

4. Require that the casino be subject to all other applicable types of taxes that are currently in effect in Ohio.

5. Authorize the casino to conduct any game permitted in the State of Nevada, or any state adjacent to Ohio, including any type of card or table games, slot machines, and electronic gaming devices, except bets on races or sporting events. Only persons age 21 and over would be permitted to place bets. Amounts of bets would not be subject to any limits now or in the future. Days and hours of operation would not be subject to limits.

6. Set aside the application to the casino of all local and state laws and any constitutional provisions that would prohibit the operation of this privately owned casino, including any local zoning law that would prohibit or place restrictions on a casino from operating on the property in question.

If approved, this proposed amendment shall take effect 30 days after the

A “YES” vote means you approve of amending the Ohio Constitution to permit one casino near Wilmington in southwest Ohio.
A “NO” vote means you disapprove of amending the Ohio Constitution to permit one casino near Wilmington in southwest Ohio.

A majority “YES” vote is required for the amendment to be adopted.

shall the proposed amendment be approved?

o Yes
o No

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