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Teacher "Classroom Performance," Not Seniority, Determines Pay Raises; "Most Qualified" Teachers Retained, Regardless of Seniority

Oregon Ballot Measure - Measure 60

Election: General Nov. 4, 2008 (General)
Outcome: Failed



Current law allows school districts to give pay raises based on a teacher's qualifications, including licensure, postgraduate study, seniority, performance, competence, and experience. Ballot Measure 60 prohibits giving pay raises to a public school teacher based on seniority, but requires that pay raises be given based on the teacher's classroom performance. The measure does not define "seniority" or "classroom performance."

The measure also directs school districts that are laying off teachers to keep the teachers who are most qualified to teach specific subjects, which the teachers will be assigned to teach. A teacher is determined to be most qualified based on the teacher's academic training in the subject and the teacher's past classroom experience successfully teaching the subject. The measure does not define "successfully teaching." Current law authorizes school districts reducing staff to retain teachers based upon seniority as well as competence and merit.

The measure does not apply if the measure would violate or impair a contract existing on the effective date of the measure, but would apply to a contract entered into or extended after the effective date of the measure. In future contracts, cost of living adjustments unrelated to classroom performance are prohibited.

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