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An Act to protect Alaska's clean water

Alaska Ballot Measure - Ballot Measure 4

Election: Primary Aug. 26, 2008 (Primary)
Outcome: Failed

Business and Consumers
Animals and Wildlife
Natural Resources and Energy



Measure Text

Ballot Measure No. 4 - 07WTR3

This bill imposes two water quality standards on new large scale metallic mineral mining operations in Alaska. The first standard does not allow such a mining operation to release into water a toxic pollutant that will adversely affect human health or the life cycle of salmon. The second standard does not allow such a mining operation to store mining wastes and tailings that could release sulfuric acid, other acids, dissolved metals or other toxic pollutants that could adversely affect water that is used by humans or by salmon. The bill defines a large scale metallic mineral mining operation to mean a metallic mineral mining operation that is in excess of 640 acres in size. The bill defines toxic pollutants to include substances that will cause death and disease in humans and fish, and includes a list of substances identified as toxic pollutants under federal law.

Should this initiative become law?

( ) Yes
( ) No


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