Vote Smart's K-12 Classroom Activities and Resources

Civics Matters Curriculum

The following lesson plans have been prepared by Vote Smart as a resource for teachers of government and social studies.

Lessons for Grades K-4

  1. Introduction To The Web Site Lesson & Worksheet
  2. Contacting A State Official Lesson & Worksheet
  3. State Governor Lesson & Worksheet
  4. Unit Rationale

Lessons for Grades 5-8

  1. Introduction to the Web Site Lesson & Worksheet
  2. Talking Heads Lesson & Worksheet
  3. Voter Registration Lesson
  4. Meet Your Senators Lesson & Worksheet

Lessons for Grades 9-12

  1. PVS Introduction Lesson
  2. Campaign Finance Lesson
  3. Follow the Money Trail Worksheet
  4. Special Interest Group Lesson
  5. Special Interest Groups and Their Impact Worksheet
  6. Values and Legislation Lesson
  7. Values and Legislation Worksheet

The K-12 civics curriculum 'Civics Matters' was co-written by three teachers: Sally Broughton, Erica Schnee and Deanna Collins.

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