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Barack Obama II's Public Statements

Date Title
Sept. 13, 2007 Obama Demands Fairness in Jena 6 Case
Sept. 13, 2007 Obama Responds to President Bush's Address on Iraq
Sept. 12, 2007 Obama Unveils Comprehensive Plan to Turn the Page in Iraq
Sept. 12, 2007 Obama Statement on the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 Strike Authorization Vote
Sept. 12, 2007 National Public Radio "All Things Considered" Interview with Senator Barack Obama (D-IL)
Sept. 12, 2007 NBC "Today" -Transcript
Sept. 12, 2007 Obama Statement on Indian Health Care Improvement Act
Sept. 11, 2007 Hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Iraq: The Crocker-Petraeus Report
Sept. 11, 2007 Letter to Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State
Sept. 11, 2007 Obama Statement on the Anniversary of September 11th
Sept. 11, 2007 MSNBC -Transcript
Sept. 10, 2007 Obama Calls for Immediate Change of Course in Iraq
Sept. 9, 2007 Univision Network Democratic Presidential Debate
Sept. 8, 2007 Obama Statement on the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 Settling Contract with the Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
Sept. 8, 2007 Associated Press - Obama Hits Familiar Themes for Enthusiastic Oregon Crowd
Sept. 7, 2007 Obama Campaign Announces Generation Obama Iowa Steering Committee
Sept. 7, 2007 Obama, Davis Initiative to Fund Predominantly Black Institutions Passes Senate
Sept. 7, 2007 Barack Obama Hosts California Women for Obama Kick-off
Sept. 7, 2007 Obama Statement on Job Loss Numbers
Sept. 7, 2007 Las Vegas Review-Journal - Las Vegas Visit: Obama: D.C. System Fails U.S.
Sept. 7, 2007 Obama Fights to Make College More Affordable
Sept. 6, 2007 Obama Bill Would Make Voter Intimidation, Election Fraud Illegal
Sept. 6, 2007 Obama Calls for an End to Special-Interest Politics and a Return to National Unity in Las Vegas Town Hall
Sept. 6, 2007 Obama Campaign Announces African American Steering Committee
Sept. 6, 2007 Obama Bill Calls for Disclosure of Bundlers in Campaigns, Greater Transparency in Fundraising
Sept. 6, 2007 Des Moines Register - Obama Touts Legislative Experience
Sept. 5, 2007 Associated Press - Obama Vows Open Health Reform Process
Sept. 5, 2007 Obama Campaign Announces Iowa Latino Steering Committee
Sept. 5, 2007 Letter to the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Joseph Lieberman and Susan Collins
Sept. 4, 2007 Obama Campaign Announces Iowa Faith Steering Committee
Sept. 4, 2007 Sustained Leadership in the Asia-Pacific Region
Sept. 4, 2007 Obama: GAO Report Shows Iraq's Leaders Not Achieving Political Benchmarks
Sept. 3, 2007 Obama Campaign Announces Iowa Labor Steering Committee
Sept. 3, 2007 Obama Calls for End to Special-Interest Politics, Return to Sense of Possibility
Sept. 3, 2007 Obama Statement on Iranian-American Scholar's Release from Iran
Sept. 1, 2007 Obama Pledges to Honor Role of Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina in Choosing Democratic Nominee for President
Aug. 31, 2007 Obama: Bush Proposal on Lending Does Not Go Far Enough
Aug. 30, 2007 NY Daily News - Hit Iran Where it Hurts
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