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11/01/07 Murray, Kennedy, Obama and Dorgan Demand Answers on Improper Payments to Lenders 11/01/07 AP - Obama Says Clinton Dodges Hard Questions 11/01/07 Letter to the Honorable Elaine L. Chao 10/31/07 Chicago Defender - Violence Against Women, at Home and Abroad, Must Cease 10/31/07 Letter to the Honorable John P. Higgins, Jr., Inspector General US Department of Education 10/30/07 At the Request of Mr. Reid, the following Statement was ordered to be printed in the Record 10/30/07 Obama Opposes Mukasey Nomination 10/30/07 MTV News - Barack Obama Fields Tough Questions At MTV/MySpace Forum 10/30/07 The Richmond Times-Dispatch - Obama's Anti-War Beat 10/30/07 Hillary Clinton Joins Two '08 Democratic Candidates In Opposing Mukasey 10/30/07 Letter to the Honorable Harry Reid, Majority Leader; The Honorable Barbara Boxer, Chairman, Committee on Enviroment and Pubic Works 10/30/07 Statement of Senator Barack Obama on Nomination of Dr. James Peake as VA Secretary 10/30/07 Letter to the Honorable Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State 10/30/07 Democratic Presidential Candidate Forum 10/29/07 The Des Moines Register - U.S. Policy on Iran Must Show Restraint, Obama Cautions 10/29/07 Obama Continues to Advocate for Straight Talk on Social Security 10/27/07 Obama Makes Statement on Nevada Day 10/27/07 Obama: Leadership Means Leveling with the American People about Social Security 10/27/07 The Cedar Rapids Gazette - For Obama , it's Not Politics as Usual 10/26/07 Obama Introduces Comprehensive Bill to Strengthen Nation's Middle Schools 10/26/07 Letter to The Honorable Henry M. Paulson, Secretary of Tresury 10/26/07 Letter to Henry M. Paulson, U.S. Treasury Secretary 10/26/07 The Columbus Dispatch - Obama Fires up Crowd at Columbus Rally 10/26/07 Obama Statement on the Genarlow Wilson Decision 10/26/07 At the Request of Mr. Reid, the following Statement was ordered to be printed in the Record 10/26/07 At the Request of Mr. Reid, the following Statement was ordered to be printed in the Record 10/26/07 Washington Post - Senate Battle Over FEC Nominee May Hamper Agency's Ability to Act 10/26/07 Obama Statement on Bush Meeting With President of the Congo 10/25/07 Letter to the Honorable Elaine L. Chao 10/25/07 Obama Statement on Committee Passage of the Farm Bill 10/25/07 Obama Bill to Help Black Farmers Passed Agriculture Committee 10/24/07 Obama Statement on California Fires 10/24/07 Obama Statement on Cuba 10/24/07 Obama Statement on Dream Act 10/24/07 Obama Statement on the Confirmation of Leslie Southwick 10/23/07 Letter to The Honorable Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense 10/22/07 Letter to The Honorable Kevin J. Martin, Chairman Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 10/22/07 AP - Obama Runs New Ad, Promises Tax Help 10/22/07 Obama Statement on the Appointment of Dr. Susan Orr as Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs at HHS 10/22/07 Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Act, 2008 10/21/07 L.A. Times - Obama Courts Latino Voters in L.A. 10/20/07 Remarks for Senator Barack Obama 10/19/07 Arizona Republic - He is the Message 10/19/07 Letter to The Honorable Kip Hawley, Adminstrator Transportation Security Administration 10/19/07 Letter to The Honorable Peter D. Keisler, Acting Attorney General 10/19/07 Obama, Harkin: Raising Renewable Fuel Standard Boosts Our Rural Economy 10/19/07 AP - Obama Wants Official Fired for Comments 10/18/07 Letter to The Honorable Gordon Mansfield, Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs 10/18/07 Reuters - US Senators Offer Stand-Alone Ethanol Fuel Bill 10/18/07 Obama Statement on SCHIP Vote

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