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9/14/07 Obama Comments on Repeal of Jena 6 Conviction 9/14/07 Letter to Kenneth D. Lewis, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President, Bank of America Corporation 9/14/07 The Cedar Rapids Gazette - Obama: American People Solution to Problems 9/13/07 Obama Demands Fairness in Jena 6 Case 9/13/07 Obama Responds to President Bush's Address on Iraq 9/12/07 Obama Unveils Comprehensive Plan to Turn the Page in Iraq 9/12/07 Obama Statement on the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 Strike Authorization Vote 9/12/07 National Public Radio "All Things Considered" Interview with Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) 9/12/07 Obama Statement on Indian Health Care Improvement Act 9/12/07 NBC "Today" -Transcript 9/11/07 Letter to Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State 9/11/07 Obama Statement on the Anniversary of September 11th 9/11/07 Hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Iraq: The Crocker-Petraeus Report 9/11/07 MSNBC -Transcript 9/10/07 Obama Calls for Immediate Change of Course in Iraq 9/09/07 Univision Network Democratic Presidential Debate 9/08/07 Associated Press - Obama Hits Familiar Themes for Enthusiastic Oregon Crowd 9/08/07 Obama Statement on the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 Settling Contract with the Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel and Casino 9/07/07 Las Vegas Review-Journal - Las Vegas Visit: Obama: D.C. System Fails U.S. 9/07/07 Obama, Davis Initiative to Fund Predominantly Black Institutions Passes Senate 9/07/07 Barack Obama Hosts California Women for Obama Kick-off 9/07/07 Obama Campaign Announces Generation Obama Iowa Steering Committee 9/07/07 Obama Statement on Job Loss Numbers 9/07/07 Obama Fights to Make College More Affordable 9/06/07 Obama Bill Would Make Voter Intimidation, Election Fraud Illegal 9/06/07 Obama Calls for an End to Special-Interest Politics and a Return to National Unity in Las Vegas Town Hall 9/06/07 Obama Campaign Announces African American Steering Committee 9/06/07 Obama Bill Calls for Disclosure of Bundlers in Campaigns, Greater Transparency in Fundraising 9/06/07 Des Moines Register - Obama Touts Legislative Experience 9/05/07 Associated Press - Obama Vows Open Health Reform Process 9/05/07 Obama Campaign Announces Iowa Latino Steering Committee 9/05/07 Letter to the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Joseph Lieberman and Susan Collins 9/04/07 Obama Campaign Announces Iowa Faith Steering Committee 9/04/07 Sustained Leadership in the Asia-Pacific Region 9/04/07 Obama: GAO Report Shows Iraq's Leaders Not Achieving Political Benchmarks 9/03/07 Obama Statement on Iranian-American Scholar's Release from Iran 9/03/07 Obama Calls for End to Special-Interest Politics, Return to Sense of Possibility 9/03/07 Obama Campaign Announces Iowa Labor Steering Committee 9/01/07 Obama Pledges to Honor Role of Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina in Choosing Democratic Nominee for President 8/31/07 Obama: Bush Proposal on Lending Does Not Go Far Enough

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